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Portofino Travel Information

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Portofino, Italy

Portofino in Italy is known for its picturesque Harbour and Beaches

Portofino is a small fisherman village, which is sheltered by the sea. This landscape looks incredibly attractive especially in the evenings when it’s time for the sun to set. The best thing about this landscape is that it’s not too large and all beaches are at most a walk away. Moreover, the most notable thing about Portofino is its lifestyle. Hence, it is appreciated by artists and visited by Hollywood stars and millionaires. There are some tourist shops for casual browsing as well as posh boutiques from some of the most well known designers of the world.

Similarly, dining options have as much of a variety. Tourists could opt to eat simple Italian food as well as go for fine dining. It’s extremely important for tourists to remember that dinner doesn’t begin until 8pm in Portofino and the weekends tend to get busy so if you want to eat at a specific place over the weekends, you’d have to make reservations in advance. A lot of people associate wine with Italian food and the fact that this place is known for some unique wine cannot come as a surprise. But non-alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are readily available as well.

Portofino Location Map

Facts about Portofino

  • The capital of the region is Genoa, which is also the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.
  • The Feast Day of saint George is a main religious festival that is celebrated every year on April 23.
  • The Statue of the Christ of Abyss that was put in the water was meant for protection for the fisherman.
  • The sea around the coast of Portofino is now kept as a marine reserve.
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Where is Portofino ?

Portofino is located in the northern Italian region of Liguira and is part of the Italian Riviera.

Best Time To Visit Portofino

The landscape has a moderate climate but the months of July and August can feel warm. There is also some cool breeze that the visitors generally enjoy. The best time to visit could pretty much be any time of the year but there are particularly a lot of tourists during the summer.

More about Portofino

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Published On: Monday, July 15th, 2013