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Singapore Population

Singapore is in Southeastern Asia, cozily in between Malaysia and Indonesia. Singapore Population is standard with a tendency of enhancement with the improvement of technology.

Singapore Population counts up to 4,553,009 as surveyed in July 2007. The Average age of the population is 37.8 years. In case of male it is 37.4 years and female its 38.2 years. The Age Structure of the population of Singapore is as follows:
  • 0-14 years: 15.2%(male 358,064/ female 333,702)
  • 15-64 years: 76.3%(male:1,692,817/ female 1,780,982)
  • 65 years and over: 8.5% (male 171,876/ female 215,568)
The population growth rate every year is by 1.275%.Which is not that high in relation to the geographical area. The further relevant information about Singapore Population are as follows:
  • Birth Rate: 9.17 births/1000 population
  • Death Rate: 4.4 deaths /1000 population
  • Net Migration Rate: 7.98 migrants/1000 population
  • Sex Ratio: At birth:1.08 male/female
    Under 15 years: 1.073 male/female
    15-64 years: 0.95 male/female
    65 years and over: 0.797 male/female
    Total Population: 0.954 male/female

  • Infant Mortality Rate: Total : 2.3 deaths/1000 live births
    Male: 2.5 deaths/1000 live births
    Female: 2.07 deaths/1000 live births
  • Life Expectancy at birth: Total Population: 81.8 years
    Male: 79.21% years
    Female: 84.59 years
  • Total Fertility Rate: 1.07 children born/woman
The awareness programs for the public health are a stern developmental process undertaken. The HIV/AIDS adult Prevalence Rate is 0.2 % according to 2003 estimation. Total number of people having the disease is 4100. Deaths have counted up to less than 200 due to HIV/AIDS.

The ethnic groups that are comprising the major of the population are Chinese(76.8%), Malay(13.9%), Indian(7.9%), and others(1.4%).

The literacy rate of Singapore is quite high as up to 92.5%. Singapore Population though of mixed origin, carries a high community status relations among themselves.

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