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Korea Religion

Korea Religion is not about any one religion but it comprises many beliefs and religious ideologies. Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity and Syncretic Chondogyo are few of the many religions followed in North Korea.
The religious followings in North Korea are more or less same as the religious followings in South Korea. The South Korean religious scenario influence the religions in North Korea a lot. In the North Korean region, Buddhism and Confucianism are followed in majority. Christianity comes second in terms of its followers in North Korea. Syncretic Chondogyo is however a somewhat pagan religion that is followed by a minor part of the population in North Korea.

Buddhism in North Korea is followed by most of the people of the region. The Korean Buddhist Federation heads the followers of Buddhism in North Korea. There are numerous Buddhist temples in the country that follow the rituals and traditions of the religion. There are religions institutions in North Korea that train he disciples in the Buddhist values. Buddhist studies and training are very common in the region of North Korea.

Christianity in North Korea covers quite a major part of the country as a result of the open door policy in North Korea. The Christian followers in North Korea have led to the construction of several hospitals, schools and universities in North Korea. Christianity in North Korea is controlled by the Korean Christian Federation. There are several churches that have built under the supervision of Korean Christian Federation.

Chondogyo in North Korea is a mixed religion that consists of several values of the religions like Buddhism, Shamanism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Catholicism.

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