Ischia, Italy

Ischia is one of islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea which is formed by volcanic erruptions. The island is also famous for its thermal spa resorts.

On the Tyrrhenian Sea, at the northern end of the Gulf of Naple, lies the Ischia Island. It is one of the volcanic islands of Italy that is of a trapezoid shape with an area of 70 square km. It is 28 km from the Italian city of Naples. The coastline stretches a length of 34 km.

Ischia is a beautiful blend of sandy beaches and volcanic mountain peaks. Highest point is Mount Epomeo of altitude 788 meters above the normal which was once active volcano in the Classical period. Ischia can accommodate a population size of 58, 000 people.

The evolution of the Ischia Island is since the Bronze Age, when the Euboean Greeks from Eretria and Chalkis arrived in the Island, to establish trade emporiums. The Romans conquered Ischia in 322 BC. Thereafter, till the 1500 century, there was Christian dominance in the region. After three centuries, on February 13, 1806, the island got occupied by the French. Today Ischia is one of the most popular tourist destinations that invite almost 6 million visitors annually, especially Italians and Germans.

Ischia can be easily reached by a ferry service from Naples within forty to sixty minutes. Some of the main attractions of this island of Italy :
  • Castello AragoneseAragonese Castle
  • Villa La Colombaia
  • Il Castello Aragonese
  • Ischia Ponte
  • Aragonese Castle of the 474 BC
  • Villa of Lacco Ameno - Forio
  • The Church of the Soccorso
  • Cathedral of Assunta
  • Maronti Beach
  • The garden of La Mortella
  • The stone bridge Parthenopeans of 1441 made by Alfonso V of Aragon
  • Larisses Convent
  • Sant'Angelo - Serrara-Fontana
  • The small chapel of Saint Francis
  • The Abbey of Basilians from Greece
  • Harbor of Forio
  • Small chapels consecrated to Saint John Joseph of the Cross
  • San Giovan Giuseppe della Croce
  • Church of the Immacolata
The city at Ischia is cross-sectioned into many historic centres comprising Ischia Ponte and Ischia Porto. This is a waterfront resort area of Ischia Island in Italy. The primary industry is concentrating in tourism and thermal spas. The island of Ischia is also famous for it natural thermal hot springs, and its volcanic mud. The number of thermal spas on the islands makes it particularly popular among healthy living vacationers.

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