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The Indonesia culture is as vibrant and versatile as its landscape and natural beauty. The rich Indonesian culture is the result of the influence of the various neighboring countries and its very own ethnic culture.

Indonesia Weather is highly affected by its geographical location. The Indonesia Weather is mostly hot and humid which is feature of all tropical climates. Equator passes through the country of Indonesia which is the main reason due to which the Indonesia Weather the country being so hot and humid. However the higher altitude in the islands of Indonesia is the reason behind cooler temperature in the interior than on the coastal region of the country. The tropical Indonesia Weather is the cause behind the countries lush green vegetations, dense forests, and high yield of crops and survival of number of exotic animal species.

The minimum temperature of Indonesia does not go beyond twenty degree and generally vary from 22 degree to 26 degree. The maximum temperature of this South Asian country is around 35 degrees all year round. The maximum rainfall of Indonesia is during the winter season as a result of the western monsoon. However rainstorms are a common phenomenon in the country all year long. The best time for the tourists to visit Indonesia is during the dry season which is between April and October. The upland areas of Indonesia comparatively has cooler

Indonesia Weather than the coastal area so while trekking on the mountains adequate warm clothes should be packed. As Indonesia falls in the ring of fire there are a number of volcanoes which influences the weather of parts of Indonesia in a big way. The typhoons and cyclones in the sea are also very common and the humidity is always very high.

Weather of Bali Indonesia : Bali island has proximity to the equator so and due to which Weather of Bali Indonesia mostly experience the dry season and the wet season the dry season is from April to October. The wet season is from November to March.

Indonesia Weather Forecast can be done from UK Met office and it is does the Indonesia Weather Forecast through telephone, by fax, SMS and many other means.

The true spirit of the Indonesian culture is reflected in the music, dance, drama, literature and cuisine of the country. Currently the west has influenced the country through television and cinema. The government of Indonesia arranges for a number of cultural activities for the tourists so that they can get a true feel of the country's tradition.

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Last Updated on: December 1st, 2017