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Seychelles Flag

Flag of Seychelles

The ensign of Seychelles comprises with five bands slanting from left to right. Those bands are tinged with blue, yellow, red, white and green. The colors as red, white and green are the shades of the Seychelles Citizen's United Party; while the color of blue and yellow stand for the Seychelle's autonomous Party.
The blue symbolizes the sky as well as sea, yellow stands for the sun; red epitomizes the harmony of the populace, white denotes justice while green stands for the lush of the terrain. The increasing breadth of the flag's bands of color suggests development and vigor of Seychelles.

Official Name: republic of Seychelles

Capital: Victoria

Location: An island nation in the western part of the Indian Ocean north of Madgascar includes 15 islands of coral and volcanic origin of which 46 remain uninhabited.

Area: 455 Sq. km

Official Languages: English French

National Flag: Widening stripes of blue yellow red white and green radiating from a point from the corner of the bottom hoist.

National Anthem: Koste Seselwa Come Together All Seychellois (1996)

National symbol(s):coco de mer (sea coconut)

National colors: blue, yellow, red, white, green

National anthem:
name: "Koste Seselwa" (Seychellois Unite)
lyrics/music: David Francois Marc ANDRE and George Charles Robert PAYET

Fact about Seychelles flag

Designed byNA
Adopted18. June 1996
Revision1976, 1977, 1996
Design and Colorsfive oblique bands of blue (hoist side), yellow, red, white, and green (bottom) radiating from the bottom of the hoist side
Size Ratio1:2

Last Updated On : August 29th, 2017

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