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Fiji Weather

Fiji Weather is of a tropical marine nature. The factors influencing the mild weather in Fiji is the location of Fiji amidst the largest water body on earth, the Pacific Ocean, the winds and the ocean currents, etc. Fiji belongs to the Oceania group of islands and is in the sub region of Melanesia.

The summer months of Fiji is from December to April. The hot wet summers are characterized by spells of rainfall. The humidity level of the summer months is also high. The average temperature during the summer months is 88 degree Fahrenheit or 31 degree Celsius.

The winter months in Fiji are more pleasant than the summer season. Fiji Weather conditions during winter are ideal to visit the country. The average temperature is approximately 84 degree Fahrenheit or 29 degree Celsius. Winter months extend from May to November. The winter months are comparatively drier than the summers.

The rainy season in the weather of Fiji is between November to March. The tropical rain forests of the larger islands receive heavy rainfall during these months. The south eastern regions of the mountainous terrain also receive a lot of rainfall. The moisture bearing clouds coming from the surrounding water bodies their moisture on the wind ward side of the mountains.

The easterly and south easterly winds dominate the weather of Fiji. Cyclones are the only hazard in Fiji Weather. The months of November to April are the season of cyclones. The high winds blowing during cyclones are however not dangerous.

Fiji Meteorological Service is the organization responsible for weather forecasts in Fiji. It is also the authority to warn the islands of Fiji and the other islands about the approaching cyclones.

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