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Currency of Fiji

Currency of Fiji is known as Dollar. But this dollar is different from the dollar currency of United States. Generally, the dollar of Fiji is indicated by the same sign as is used in the case of American dollar.
But sometimes, for denoting difference, Fiji dollar is denoted as FJ$. The currency code in case of the dollar of Fiji is FJD. Fiji dollar is divided into hundred cents. In Fiji economy, there was a phase when the currency of this country was equivalent to the American currency.

In Fiji the paper currency was introduced for the first time in between the year 1967 and 1973. At this time the paper currency of Fiji was already denominated with dollar and also divided into cents. During this period, the Fiji currency had the similar value with the silver dollar of United States. But after this period when Fiji was colonized by the British, the currency of Fiji was also changed and was replaced by the British currency, pound sterling.

The dollar as the currency of Fiji was again introduced in the country in the year 1969. Before that the currency of Fiji was the Fiji pound. When dollar was introduced for the second time in this island nation, then its value was half of one Fiji pound. Both the coins and the paper notes had 1,2,5,10 and 20 denominations.

These were available in both cents and dollar notes. Recently, from 2005 a hundred dollar bank note is also available in Fiji. Fiji retained the image of Queen Elizabeth II for long on the bank notes. But recently the governor of Fiji Reserve Bank has decided to introduce polymer coated bank notes that will have several images on various aspects of Fiji.

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