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Full name Sultanate of Oman
Capital City Muscat
Language Arabic, English, Urdu, Baluchi, Swahili
Currency Omani rial
Religion Ibadi Muslim, Sunni Muslim, Shiite Muslim, Hindu
National Anthem The first of the anthem is "Ya Rabbana Ehfid Lana Jalalat Al Sultan"that means "O Lord, protect for us our Majesty the Sultan".
Newspaper Al Shabiba, Al Watan, Oman, Oman Daily Observer, Oman Tribune, Times of Oman, Week
Places to Visit Batinah Coast, Muscat, Jabrin Castle, Samail, Wadi Shab and many more attractive places are there in the country.
Transport Airways:frequent flights between major cities are available.
Shopping Local handicrafts such as khanjars or Omani daggers, gold jewelry, coffeepots, frankincense, saddles, baskets, handwoven textiles, carpets, etc are found in cheap price in this country.
In the prehistoric era, Oman was originally known as Magan especially to the Persian and Mesopotamian people.

Economy Of Oman
Oman is an economically stable country. It is rich with it s oil and gas resources. The natural resources of the country are petroleum, asbestos, copper, marble, chromium, limestone, gypsum, natural gas etc.

Dates, bananas, limes, alfalfa, vegetables etc are the primary agricultural products.The fast growing industries of Oman are crude oil refining industry, cement industry, natural and liquefied natural gas industry or (LNG), copper industry, optic fiber industry, steel industry and so on.

Petroleum, fish, metals, textiles etc are the export materials and the export partners of Oman are China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and UAE.

Physical Map Of Oman :
Arabian Sea coast and the coast of Gulf of Oman occupy a large portion in the southern and eastern zone of the Sultanate of Oman. On the surface of Oman there are also some hilly areas, desert areas, mountains etc. The highest elevation of the country is the Jabal Shams peak that rises almost 2,980 meters above the sea. The lowest point however is the Arabian Sea.

Oman Location Map
Location Of Oman :
Sultanate of Oman is located in the southwestern region of the Asian continent, which is popularly known as the Middle East.Oman also occupies the southeastern region of the Arabian Peninsula. The bordering countries are United Arab Emirates towards the northwestern region, Yemen towards the southwestern region and Saudi Arabia towards the western side.

Flag Of Oman
The flag of Oman is very simple and at the same time symbolic. It contains total three colors. There three bands, which are horizontally arranged. All these bands are equal in size. The upper band is white, the middle one is red and the bottom one is green. In the hoist side of the flag, there is a vertical red band. The national emblem is drawn in the upper portion of the vertical red band. The national emblem features a dagger and two swords that are put in crossed positions. He emblem is colored in white.

Climate Of Oman :
The climate of Oman is more or less dry throughout the year because of the desert regions. The coastal regions are wet and warm. The summer months are May to September. In this period the weather remains rainy and hot. The interior regions of the country are characterized with more arid weather.

Flora And Fauna Of Oman :
•  Flora : The flora of Oman has variety. Unique species of desert shrub and desert grass grow in large amount in the forests of the country. Light vegetation is seen in the interior desert regions of Oman. Dhofar and the mountains regions of the country are known for greater vegetation because rainfall is heavier in this area. Coconut, frankincense etc grow in the hilly regions. Oleanders and acacias are also found bountifully.

•  Fauna : Animal life is also rich in Oman. Cattles, camels, cheetah, fox, wolf, hyena, hare etc are found in the forests of Oman. Various categories of birds like Arabian see-see partridge, redleg chukor partridge, Muscat bee-eater etc can also be seen in this country. In the water bodies, you will also find some rare species of fishes.

People Of Oman :
Oman is home to various ethnic groups such as Arab, Baluchi, African and South Asian etc. The Asian group includes Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, and Bangladeshi. The total population of the country is almost 3,102,229. The official language of the country is Arabic. However English, Urdu, Baluchi and several Indian languages are also spoken widely in various parts of the country.

Art, Culture And Music Of Oman :
•  Art : Traditional handicrafts such as silver and gold jewelry, goat- and camel-hair rugs, woven baskets, water jugs, swords and "khanjar", a special type of dagger etc are commonly practiced in this country. Besides these, drawing, painting, photography etc are also practiced.

•  Culture : A mixed culture can be seen in Oman. Numerous customs and rituals have been accepted in the tradition of this country. music and dace are two integral parts of the culture.

•  Music: Music in Oman is an important part of art. The traditional folk songs are very popular and practiced in the country. Arabic music has left a deep influence in the Oman music.