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Where is Belize ?

Belize Location Map Belize Map Belize Map
Description : Map showing Where is Belize located in the World. Disclaimer

The country of Belize is in the North America continent and the latitude and longitude for the country are 17.4789° N, 88.5162° W.

The neighboring countries of Belize are :

Maritime Boundaries
  1. Guatemala and Mexico
  2. Honduras

  Facts About Belize  
Country NameBelize
ContinentNorth America
Largest cityBelize City
Area22,966[1] km2 (8,867 sq mi) Water (%) 0.7
Population340,844 (2014 Est.)
Lat Long17° 4′ 0″ N, 88° 42′ 0″ W
Official LanguageEnglish
Calling Code501
Time ZoneCST (UTC−6)
Airport20 Airports
Neighbour countriesBritish Honduras, Central America, Mexico, Guatemala
Internet TLD.bz
CurrencyBelize dollar

Location Map of Belize before March 5, 2016

  Location Maps of Cities in Belize  
Last Updated Date: August 22, 2016

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