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Geography of Belize

If you want to know about Geography of Belize then you have come to the right place. Belize is a Central American country. The geographic coordinates Belize 17 15 N and 88 45 W. The total area covers are 22,966 sq km. The land covers 22,806 sq km area while the water bodies cover almost 160 sq km area. The coastline of the country is 386 km long.

Geography of Belize reveals that this country is slightly smaller than Massachusetts. The land of Belize comprises low mountains and flat coastal plain. The highest point of the country is 1,160 m Victoria Peak and the lowest point is Caribbean sea 0 m. Belize enjoys a tropical climate. The weather is usually hot and humid. The rainy season starts from May and continue to November. From February to May the country enjoys a dry weather.

The agricultural products of Belize are cacao, citrus, lumber, cultured shrimp, bananas, sugar etc. The natural resources of the country are hydro power, natural gas, oil, timber, fish etc.

Natural hazards that are common features of geography of Belize include frequent hurricanes and coastal flood. The recent environmental issues of Belize are deforestation, industrial effluents, water pollution, agricultural runoff, waste disposal etc.

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