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Armenian Music

Armenian Music is a curious blend of the modern and the orthodox, a rich tapestry of contemporary feelings woven with traditional musical heritage, whether folk or classical.
Armenian music is an eclectic mix of indigenous folk music and frothy pop, and considerable Christian music.

Under Soviet mastery, Armenia's music was taught in a stiffly restricted style in conservatories. Kanun (dulcimer), davul (double-headed hand drum), oud (lute), tar (short-necked lute) and zurna (shawm) are the instruments played. The duduk is especially remarkable in Armenian music, and its stars include Gevorg Dabaghyan, Levon Madoyan, Margar Margarian, Vatche Hovsepian, and Yeghish Manoukian, as well as Armenia's most famous duduk player, Djivan Gasparyan.

The kamancha was played by popular, traveling musicians called ashoughs in earlier music of Armenia ; Sayat Nova, an 18th century ashough, is still revered. The most important female vocalists in the Armenian folk genre have been: Ophelia Hambardzumyan, Manik Grigoryan, Araksia Gyulzadyan, Varduhi Khachatrian,Valia Samvelyan, Susanna Safarian, Rima Saribekyan, and Flora Martirosian.

Armenian classical composers including Kemani Tatyos Ekserciyan, Aram Khatchaturian, Arno Babadjanyan, Avet Terterian and Tigran Mansurian have achieved global success.

The conventional performers in the pop-vocal genre of Armenian music have been: Georgi Minasian, Artahes Avetyan, and Levon Sevan.