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Languages Spoken in Armenia

Overview of Armenia Language
Armenia Language comes under the domain of Indo European language. Armenia Language is one of the ancient forms of Proto-Indo- European language.
It is one of those dialects that resulted from the splitting up of the linguistic branch that deals with Proto-Indo-European language.

History of Armenia Language
Prior to the evolution of Armenian alphabet , Armenia Language was based on Greek and Aramaic alphabets. The origin of Armenia language dates back to 406 AD. Saint Mesrop Mashtots was the creator of the Armenian characters. The original version of Armenia alphabet used to come with 36 characters. In the following years two more characters were introduced to make the Armenia Language at par with other foreign languages. The evolution of Armenia Language brought about the first Golden Age in the history of the Armenian Republic.
Features of Armenia Language
  • Armenia Language is mostly prevalent in the Armenian Territory. Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian are the two major categorizations of the Armenia Language.
  • The National Academy of Sciences of Armenia is the main regulatory authority of Armenian Language.
  • Besides the Armenian Territory, the Armenia Language is also spoken in many other nations in and around the Caucasus mountains.
  • The ancient version of Armenia Language features seven vowels and lacks grammatical gender.
Over the passage of time the language of Armenian has emerged as one of the most popular Indo-European languages in the world.


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