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Uruguay Weather

Uruguay Weather mostly remains moderate throughout the country. Although there are some seasonal variations, still, Uruguay Weather mostly remains temperate nationwide.
One of the chief features of the Uruguay Weather is its highly foggy and humid climate due to the close proximity of the ocean. A lot of high winds blow across the land and this is mainly due to the absence of mountains. Almost all the places in the land of Uruguay are exposed to the storms and rapid changes in weather conditions.

There are well marked seasons in the Uruguayan Weather all through the country. The summer months are warm, the spring season is cool, damp and windy, autumn is mild while the winters are quite chilly. Since the northern regions of the country are placed quite away from the larger water bodies, its summer season is warm while the winters are as usual dry and chilly. The weather in Uruguay in the months of winter remains unbearably damp.

Rainfall is distributed evenly all over the country and it increases from the south eastern regions towards the north western areas. The average annual rainfall of the Uruguay Weather in Montevideo is approximately equal to nine hundred and fifty millimeters while that of Artigas is one thousand two hundred and thirty five millimeters.

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