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Swaziland Information

Swaziland Africa basically deals with the relation of Swaziland with other nations of the African continent. Being the smallest country in the African territory, the economy of Swaziland is dependent upon the other countries of Southern Africa. Mozambique and South Africa are the two African countries that form the borderline of Swaziland.

Swaziland Africa economic relation is based on the transaction of goods and services between Swaziland and South Africa. The infrastructural and industrial development of Swaziland is based on exports from the neighboring nations. South Africa contributes 83 percent of the total yearly imports of Swaziland. The agricultural sector is the main source of employment in the Kingdom of Swaziland. Naturally agro-based primary products are the main exportable items of the Swaziland economy. The Republic of South Africa gets 74 percent of its imported items from Swaziland.

The cash crops and other agro products of Swaziland like wood pulp and sugar play a crucial role in expanding the domain of Swaziland Africa. The preserved food items of Swaziland are also exported in other African countries.

Swaziland Airlink operates regular passenger flights in the air route between Manzini and the South African city of Johannesburg. The airlines of Swaziland also facilitate the economic relation of Swaziland Africa.

The judicial and other agreements between Swaziland and South Africa have strengthened the diplomatic relation between these two African nations.

Swaziland is one of the most flourishing economies in the African continent. Swaziland jobs are becoming more lucrative over the passage of time. The Kingdom of Swaziland offers a wide variety of jobs to choose from. The scopes of job were limited in 1990s. The scenario has undergone sea changes in recent past. Jobs in Swaziland originate from agriculture, industry and all other professional fields.

Agriculture has always been the major source of employment in Swaziland. The agro-based industries in Swaziland employ a substantial section of Swazi population. Banking and finance sector is also booming in Swaziland. The skilled work force in Swaziland is mostly absorbed in the educational and administrative sectors.

Among the other options of employment in Swaziland, export import and real estate are worth mentioning. The unskilled work force of Swaziland mostly works as daily wage earners.

Swaziland is home to a number of picturesque destinations in Southern Africa. The spectacular landscape of Swaziland makes it a popular holiday solution for the vacationers. The tourism industry of Swaziland has emerged as a major source of jobs in Swaziland.

Transport, health, power, telecommunication, chemical, insurance, small and cottage industry are some of the other sectors of Swaziland jobs.

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