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Mauritius Safety Information

Mauritius Safety Information is of immense help not only to the locals but also for the tourists. There can be small thefts in the tourist spots and therefore the
travelers must keep their belongings under strict vigil. Women should not walk alone in the public beaches at night. They are also advised not to speak with strangers or take any lift from them.

Medical assistance is available for the tourists at the hospitals in Mauritius and are free of cost. Visitors may also refer to the private practitioners for medical assistance. Service Aide Medicale Urgence or the SAMU is one of the organizations under the government of Mauritius that offer emergency services to the guests. Another private organization that offers emergency assistance to the visitors is MegaCare.

The tourists should also know certain health safety measures in Mauritius. The country is prone to the outbreak of viral fevers and therefore safety information on Mauritius would comprise of suggestions regarding vaccination against the viral diseases. Some of the most common viral diseases are Chikungunya, malaria, hepatitis B, dysentery, meningococcal meningitis and typhoid. Schistosomiasis might occur from either bathing, swimming or simply wading in fresh water that is contaminated.

Travelers' diarrhea is the most common disease and the safety information in Mauritius regarding this problem is to keep anti diarrheal drugs with them. Diarrhea is mostly accompanied with vomiting and nausea. There can be fever as well as blood in the stool and in such cases, Quinolone, Xifaxan, Rifaximin, Lomotil. These medicines can be had after consultation with the local doctor. Other diseases that require vaccination at Mauritius yellow fever, rubella, hepatitis A, cholera, rabies, measles, polio and mumps.

Mauritius safety information also cover protection against the insects and the tick. Protection against insect bite is possible by wearing long sleeved garments, hats, long pants and shoes. Tick bites can be prevented by wearing boots in the forest regions. Insect repellents can be sprayed to the body, containing 20% picaridin (Bayrepel) or 20-35% DEET (N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide). To prevent mosquito bites, either bed nets or mosquito coils can be used.

The tourists in Mauritius should avoid walking alone in the beaches or even near the hotel area. Another important Mauritius safety information is that the foreign women should be aware of the kinds of sexual assault or harassment, while bathing in the beaches. Violent crimes are very rare in Mauritius, however, there have been some cases of pick pocketing in the crowded areas. A knowledge of the Mauritius Safety Information is hence a must for each and every traveler on the island.

Some of the numbers that might come handy in case of an emergency and are a vital part of the Mauritius safety information are listed below:
  • Service Aide Medicale Urgence - 114
  • MegaCare - 116