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Geography of Mauritania

Geography of Mauritania includes information regarding its location, geographic coordinates, area and other such details. The most important aspect of the Geography of Mauritania is the location of Mauritania which is the north of the African island, bordering the north Atlantic ocean. Mauritania is located between Western Sahara and Senegal. The coordinates in the Geography of Mauritania are 20° N latitude and 12° W longitude. The total area of Mauritania is around 1,030,700 sq km, which includes land area of 1,030,400 sq km, while 300 sq km space is occupied by the water bodies.

The bordering countries of Mauritania are Algeria, Western Sahara, Senegal and Mali. The climatic condition of Mauritania is mostly that of a desert and hence remains hot all through the year. The terrain, as per the topography of Mauritania, is mostly barren with the flat plains of Sahara and some central hills. The lowest point in the Mauritania Geography is the Sekhet Te-n-Dghamcha while the highest one is that of Kediet Ijiill.

The Mauritania-Geography also points out to the fact that the natural resources of the country are that of the iron ore, copper, gypsum, diamonds, phosphate, fish and gold. Another important fact presented by the Geography of Mauritania is that most of the population is concentrated in Nouadhibou and Nouakchott cities.

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