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Malawi Art and Entertainment

The Malawi Art and Entertainment is well linked with each other since their art work serves as a source of entertainment to them. The Malawi art comprises of two most important kinds of carvings which are found in the chief's chairs and three-legged tables. The chief's chair is made out of mahogany or ebony wood. The carvings on the chair depicts about the wildlife in Africa, dancers and various African scenes.

The tables made up of three legs are also an exquisite piece of work. The Batik painting form the most important part of the Malawi art. The paintings are done on white cloths and the themes mainly include rural life and nature. In Malawi, apart from this form of art, the acrylic and oil paintings are increasingly gaining importance over time.

Different types of tribal dances are very popular sources of Malawi entertainments. Apart from dances, there are some restaurants in Malawi offering entertainments to the visitors.
Many a times, in various lakeshore hotels, outside the cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre, different dances are being performed by the artists after dinner.

The recreational programs broadcasted on the Malawi radio stations and the television channel is a source of entertainment to the Malawians.

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