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Independence Day of Iraq

When is the Independence Day of Iraq celebrated?

Iraq celebrates its Independence Day on October 3 to mark the independence of the nation from British colonial rule in 1932.

Why is the Independence Day of Iraq significant?

Iraq was a part of Ottoman Empire until World War I, when British annexed it. Later Iraq was granted a League of Nation mandate in 1920. In 1921, Hashemite Amir Faisal ibn Hussain, was proclaimed the King of Iraq, and in 1932 the country gained its independence from the British rule. The next years saw a series of military coups in Iraq.

Even though the Iraq became a sovereign nation in 1932, the continued presence of the British on the Iraqi soil was detested by many. With the start of World War II anti-British sentiments flared and leaders decided to support the Axis powers.. In 1941, however, the British troops in Iraq intervened to suppress a pro-Axis revolt, and finally the Iraqi government agreed to back the Allies in World War II. In 1958, Iraq was declared a republic, but in reality it was ruled by series of strongmen. In 2003 a U.S. led invasion ousted Saddam Hussein, who had come to power in 1979.

Although in past few decades Iraq has seen much violence and political unrest, and even experienced a brief period of foreign occupation when the United States invaded it in 2003, the Iraqis celebrate October 3 as their Independence Day to commemorate the historic moment, when the country gained its independence from British.

What does Iraq's national flag represent?

The present flag of Iraq was adopted in 2008, after the end of the Saddam Hussein era in 2006. The Iraqi flag tri-color features three equal horizontal bands of red, white, and black. The flag reflects the Arab Liberation flag's color scheme. Its lowermost band, which is black in color, represents oppression that was overcome The middle white strip represents peace, honesty, and a promising future.. The bloody struggle to free Iraq from an oppressive rule is represented by the topmost red strip. The Arabic word Takbir is centered on the white band. This phrase means God is Greatest.

Who wrote the national anthem of Iraq?

Mawtini, a popular poem by Ibrahim Touqan, a Palestinian poet, is the national anthem of Iraq. It was adopted in 2004, after Saddam Hussein was captured. The current national anthem, which means My Homeland, replaced old national anthem Ardulfurataini Watan (The Land of The Two Rivers) that was used since Hussein came to power in 1979. The old anthem was associated with Hussein's regime, and thus was replaced after he was ousted in 2003.