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Flag of Congo

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The national flag of the Republic of Congo is divided diagonally into two halves by a
yellow band running through the center; the upper triangle, towards the hoist side is green and the lower triangle is red. These are the traditional Pan-African colors; it is the fifth national flag to use these colors. The Congo Brazzaville flag was initially adopted on August 18, 1958 but was abandoned in 1970. Twenty-one years later on June 10, 1991, the flag was re-introduced as the official flag of the Republic.

Official Name: Republic of the Congo

Flag Proportion: 2:3

Adopted on: August 18, 1958

Location: Located in Central Africa bordered by the Republic of Congo and the Atlantic Ocean, Zambia, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Angola, Sudan and the Central African Republic

Capital City: Brazzaville

Major Cities: Bouenza, Plateaux, Brazzaville

Area: 132,047 square miles

Population: 3,686,000

Currency: Central African Frac (CFA) Franc (XAF)

Official Language: French

National Anthem: The Congolese

National symbol(s):lion, elephant

National colors: green, yellow, red

National anthem:
name: "La Congolaise" (The Congolese)
lyrics/music: Jacques TONDRA and Georges KIBANGHI/Jean ROYER and Joseph SPADILIERE

Fact about Brazzaville flag

CountryCongo, Republic of (Brazzaville)
Designed byNA
AdoptedSeptember 15, 1959
Design and ColorsA diagonal tricolour of green, yellow and red radiating from the lower hoist side corner
Size Ratio2:3

Last Updated On : June 28, 2019