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Flights from India to Maldives

You can avail the Flights from India to Maldives offered by various airlines. If you want to reach Maldives there are a number of options. Flights are available form several places to this island.

Flights from India to Maldives are provided by Indian Airlines. It takes only 50 minutes to reach this island. Indian Airlines conducts flights to Maldives 4 days a week. This airline operates flights to a number of cities like Trivandrum, Mumbai, Calcutta and Bangalore.

Maldives from India

Maldives from India can be reached quite easily in no time as flights to Maldives from India are not only provided by Indian Airlines but also by Air Lanka which conducts flights form Delhi and Trivandrum. You can also go for the flights provided by Singapore Airlines. The flights they offer depart form Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

Other than that, Thai Airways, Malaysian Airlines and Pakistani International Airline also operate flights to Maldives from Mumbai and Delhi. You can book your ticket from the office of the airlines or else you can go for on line booking. All the airlines ensure that the flights from India to Maldives can provide you with a comfortable and safe journey.

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