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Regions in Monaco

Monaco, which is a constitutional monarchy, is located between Alps mountains and Mediterranean Sea and is the second smallest country of the world after Vatican City. Monaco regions are just a handful ranging from Fonteveille,
Monaco Ville, La Condamine, Monteghetti, Monte Carlo and Saint Michel. Although not very far from each other, these regions of Monaco have their individual characteristics.

Monte Carlo: Located between green Alps mountains and Mediterranean Sea, Monte Carlo is one of the major Monaco regions the glamorous tourist spot famous for its casinos, rich life and luxurious hotels. Monte Carlo is tourists' paradise with its bewitching glamor. Monte Carlo is misconstrued as the capital of Monaco. Monte Carlo is the richest of the other four quarters of Monaco having a population of 30,000. Many world renowned celebrities can be seen holidaying here.

Moneghetti: Located in the western part of Monaco Moneghetti is a subdivision of La Condamine quarter. At foothills of Alps mountains, this region in Monaco is close to the Mediterranean Sea. In Moneghetti fine houses with beautiful gardens can be found that display the living standards of the people living there.

Monaco Ville: Monaco Ville is rich in scenic beauty. It is guarded by hills and greenery. Monaco Ville's geographical location gives it close proximity to Mediterranean Sea. Monaco Ville is a fortified town and is ruled by monarchs from a long time. The population of Monaco Ville is around 1,151. It is locally named as 'Le Rocher' which means 'The Rock' because it is located on a high rock that extends into Mediterranean Sea.