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Suriname Travel Guide

Suriname is a country in the South America. This is a small country which has a limited number of travel spots and tour attractions. But Suriname is culturally very rich. Same can be said about the nature here. Suriname is full of a wide variety of plant and wildlife. A number of ecotourism are arranged here in this country that are the special attractions to the travelers.

Suriname has a wide variety of cultural activities as well as people here. These people and their cultural activities are major part of the tourism industry in this country. Moreover, the national reserves are also one of the main travel destinations that Suriname has. The Grand Etang Forest Reserve is a very interesting travel destination in Suriname that attracts the tourists with the variety of wildlife species that can be found here. Suriname has many other travel destinations like, Paramaribo, Galibi Reserve and some others. Moreover, Suriname also presents the travelers with the chance of canoing in the wild rivers.

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Suriname Tourist Information Center
Suriname Tourist Information Center is the place from where you can get your necessary information about this country. Suriname is an ideal place for nature lovers. This country with a lush greenery and varied wildlife opens up a new world in front of your eyes. The coexistence of diverse culture is another attraction of this place.

Located in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname Suriname Tourist Information Center has a Conservation International exhibit which includes different eco tourism projects in the country. The Eco Tourism trips are conducted by METS. The trip can be a jungle expedition to Mt Kasikasima or sightseeing tours of Paramaribo or a river tour of the Awarradam.

Tourist Information Center in Suriname provides information about the historic sights of Suriname which was a former Dutch Guiana as well as recent constructions. You can visit places like Catholic Cathedral, Suriname Museum, Independence Square, Central Market etc

Tourists can enjoy a number of activities in this country such as, hiking and trekking, scuba diving climbing, fishing and hunting, boating and sailing, kayaking an drafting, ranching etc. If you are a nature lover you should not mis the mangrove swamps, rivers, amazonian rain forest, mountains and the beaches. Suriname Tourist Information Center also gives you information about the diverse wildlife of this country that includes jaguars, tapirs, snakes, tropical birds and the most interesting is the giant sea turtles.

  Suriname Travel agents
Suriname, in the north eastern part of south America, combines a cultural diversity with the wilderness of the tropics and a diverse wildlife. Bordered by Guyana on the west, French Guiana on the east and Brazil on the south, it is a country worth visiting. The Suriname travel agents take the visitors to the country for a fascinating trip through its sandy beaches, its dense tropical forests an

Suriname travel agents can be contacted for traveling within the country. Individual traveling can be done but the travel agents in Suriname are reliable and will ensure a trip worth the money as they are aware of which places to visit, what safety rules to follow and what to see in Suriname. Therefore it is better to take the guidance of the travel agents of Suriname while traveling in the interior and the remote regions of the country.

  There are a number of well organized Suriname tour operators. A few of the Suriname travel agents are:
  • STINASU(Stitching Natuurbehoud Suriname) It was founded in 1969. STINASU aims to preserve the nature of the country, provide nature education and organize tourism activities connected to nature in the natural reserves and the nature park in Suriname.
  • Movement for Eco-Tourism in Suriname A METS tour means a wonderful and unforgettable trip within Suriname and a contribution to the native population and the environment of Suriname through eco-tourism.

There are a number of travel agencies in Suriname that organize trips to other countries. Some of these are American Express Travel Agency, Liberty Travel etc.

Suriname Travel Tips
Suriname Travel Tips gives you certain advices. If you follow these do's and don'ts during your stay at Suriname your trip will be enjoyable and tension free. Suriname is a country where you can find diverse landscapes. Most of it is forest. But rivers, mountains, beaches are also to be found. So its better to choose your dress accordingly.

Suriname Travel Tips suggest informal dress for most of the occasions. Jackets and ties are increasingly replaced by safari outfits. If you go to the interior the women should preferably wear long trousers. While roaming on the beach or poolside beachwear can be perfect.

Public places like police stations or other places particularly of a political or military nature should be avoided while photography. You should seek permission if you wan to take photographs of these places. Travel Tips of Suriname advice you take care of your belonging while traveling through the tough routes of the jungles or mountains. Be aware of the weather report before arriving at this place.

Travel Tips for Suriname offer you information regarding the routes of the country. You can reach Suriname by Air. Johan Adolf Pengel is the main airport in Paramaribo, the capital. You can also avail the water route. The main port is situated at Paramaribo. Suriname Shipping Line, Royal Netherlands Steamship Company provides good service. Suriname can be also reached by road. You can follow the coastal road that leads to French Guiana from Paramaribo. No railway service is available at present.

You can bring things like cigarettes, liquor, perfume, toilette but only to an limited extent. Goods for personal use are allowed up to the value of US$500. Fruits, vegetables, coffee, cocoa, bulbs, rice, fish, meat etc are allowed on showing valid health certificate. Suriname Travel Tips helps you to make your journey smooth and safe.

Shopping in Suriname
There are a number of items which should be included in the list while shopping in Suriname. This South American country offers varied exotic things to the tourists which can be a perfect gift or souvenir for the visit. The best thing about Suriname shopping is that one can get a great value for some of the rare indigenous items. The price of the golden and silver jewelry and the electronic items are also much cheaper in this country. Shopping in Suriname can be an experience in itself. Walking through the old towns and viewing the historic architecture is an added gain no doubt.

Some of the items which are a must in the shopping list while in Suriname are the traditional artifacts which are colorful and exotic. These items are widely available in the waterfront markets and also in the Central market. Maroon tribal woodcarvings and Amerindian bows and arrows are found in this markets which the tourists can buy. The shopping hours in Suriname are mainly from 7.30 in the morning to 4.30 in the evening all five days a weak. On Saturday the shops are open from 7.30 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon. Shops are entirely closed on Sundays. Suriname dollar is mainly taken by the shops however debit or credit cards like American Express and MasterCard are also widely in use. Bargaining is widespread in the markets of Suriname and one should always try to do it in order to get the best deal.

While in the exotic South American country of Suriname one should make it point to grab an indigenous wooden carving as a perfect souvenir. 

  Tourist attraction  
Saint Peter and Paul CathedralJodensavanne
Fort ZeelandiaPresidential Palace
Waterkant (Riverside Boulevard)Paramaribo Zoo
Palmtree Garden

  Major Cities of Suriname  
City NamePopulationCity NamePopulation
Paramaribo223 757Mariënburg4 427
Lelydorp18 223Wageningen4 145
Nieuw Nickerie13 143Albina3 985
Moengo7 074Groningen3 216
Nieuw Amsterdam4 935Brownsweg2 696

Last Updated On : March 29, 2013

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