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Suriname Information

Suriname is a small country in the northern regions of South America. It has many interesting locations , and has a considerable amount of tourist inflow every year. In Suriname, information is available about various fields including demographics and population, culture, history and geography etc.

Information for tourists include information about embassies, Consulate, and the requirements for acquiring Visas to enter Suriname. Information about accommodation and food is also vital for tourists, as is information about the history, culture and tradition of Suriname. In Suriname, information about forms and availability of transport, and the major places to visit are also an added bonus for tourists.

Suriname Embassy
Suriname has a foreign policy which encourages the forging and maintenance of congenial, friendly diplomatic relations with major countries of the world. These include providing information about Suriname, arranging for travel documents like Visas, and frequent interaction with high officials of the host country. A Suriname Embassy, therefore, can be found in most of the important cities of the world.

A Suriname Embassy takes care of international relations by providing information about Suriname to interested nationals of other countries. It arranges for Visas for those interested to pay a visit to Suriname. The Suriname Embassy also takes care of the needs of the Suriname community present in the host country. The Embassy also provides services like those of translation, legalization of documents, issuing of birth certificates etc. Apart from this, ministers of the Embassy rendezvous regularly with the high officials of the host country to ensure a mutually beneficial relation. The Suriname Embassy improves the overall relation of Suriname with the host country, and maintains it.

Suriname has embassies in the
  • US
  • UK
  • Holland
  • India
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Guyana
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Venezuela, among other countries.
These embassies are located in important cities in these countries. They also play an important role in travel and immigration, and the granting of citizenship to interested people.

Suriname Immigration
Suriname immigration down the ages have led to a mixed culture and society in Suriname. People from different countries have immigrated to Suriname creating an ethnic diversity in Suriname. Suriname immigration is not a new concept have people from different parts of the world especially colonies migrated to Suriname and settled there.

Immigration to Suriname began after the abolition of slavery which took place in 1863. The Dutch-British Treaty of 1870 led to the immigration of people from British India to Suriname. On reaching Suriname the Indians had scattered all over the country and were engaged in plantation work and agriculture. Later they shifted from the rural regions to Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname.

Suriname Currency The Suriname currency is the Suriname dollar. It has been the currency of Suriname since the year 2004, when it replaced the Suriname Gulden, which used to be the earlier currency of Suriname. The current value of the Suriname Dollar is roughly a third of that of the US Dollar.

Earlier, the Suriname Gulden used to be the official currency of Suriname. It was derived from the Dutch Gulden, and was introduced during the time of the Dutch colonial rule in Suriname. Banknotes have been in existence and circulation since the year 1826. Banknote of different denominations were introduced, and the Central Bank of Suriname took over the production and circulation of paper currency.

Suriname Banks
Suriname Banks are the pillars that support the economic infrastructure of Suriname. The banks of Suriname provide services to the clients through a number of services. The efficient and experienced staff of the Suriname Banks offer their help and support to ensure customer satisfaction.

The main banks operating in Suriname are four in number. The services provided by these banks of Suriname vary in kind but all of them ensure that the clients and customers are satisfied with their services. The Centrale Bank van Suriname is one of the important banks in Suriname. The bank offers a gamut of services including promotion of the value and stability of the Surinamese currency, providing money circulation and growth of healthy economic practices, supervision of credit unions and transfer of international currency. The three directorates that look after the banking operations of Centrale Bank van Suriname are Directorate of Banking Operations, Directorate of Monetery and Economic Affairs and Directorate of Supervision.

The branch of ABN-AMRO in Suriname also provide for banking services in the country. The various policies and schemes available to the customers are a part of the promise of customer satisfaction. The Inter American Development Bank established in 1959 also provides its financial services to the people of Suriname. It operates in the countries of Latin America. RBTT is also one of the chief banks of Suriname.

Suriname Banks provide services to individuals as well as to groups and companies. The policies and schemes offered by the banks of Suriname include all sectors of banking and finance.