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Map of Kingstown Saint Vincent

by Vishal Kumar

Map of Kingstown Saint Vincent, the capital of Saint Vincent, depicts Kingstown city's major landmarks, tourist places, roads, St georges Cathedral, new central market, police station, etc.

Kingstown Map

Facts About Kingstown

Country Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
State Saint George
Founded 1722
Area 480 km2
Population 24,518 estimate
Lat Long Coordinates 13°09′28″N 061°13′30″W
Time Zone UTC-4
Area Code 784
Language English
Major Religion Christian and Hindu
Point of interest Blue Mountains, Hollywell Park, Fort Clarence Beach, Nelson Mandela Park, Black Ethiopian International Congress, Emancipation Park, Port Royal, Trench Town, Trench Town Culture Yard Museum, Devon House, National Gallery, Putt N Play Amusement Park, Sir Willliam Grant Park, Bob Marley Museum, National Dance Theatre, National Heroes Park, Fort Nugent

About City

Kingstown is the capital and chief port of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. With a population of over 24,518, it is the largest settlement in the area. It was first used as a settlement by the Caribs as early as 1502. The island was a colony of the French and British from 1719 until its independence in 1969.

It is the administrative capital and the port of entry to its country. It is a parliamentary democracy with the Queen of England as head of state that is represented by a Governor General.

English is the prevalent language here although French is also pretty popular.


Kingstown lies to the southwest of the main island, built on partially reclaimed land. It is situated in the Caribbean islands and has both black and white sea beaches. The island suffers from a lot of natural disasters like hurricanes and volcanic eruptions.

How to Reach (Transport)

The E.T. Joshua Airport is right outside Kingstown, in the nearby suburb of Arnos Vale. It is mostly served by local airlines. The Kingstown Harbor receives many international cruise ships and private yachts at the Cruise Ship Terminal to its south and is equipped with various tourist facilities as well as shops. There are daily ferries to Grenadine Wharf as well.

The city itself is strewn with minivans and taxis, although walking around is also a good option. Kingstown has a bus terminal in the city, built in 1988 with a minibus service.

When to Visit

With a typically tropical climate, Kingstown has essentially two seasons, the dry season and the wet season. The months from May to November symbolize the wet season and are characterized by heavy rains, high temperatures, and humidity. The best time to visit are the months from November to May when the temperature is relatively pleasant and the climate is drier, therefore ensuring a comfortable experience.

Fairs and Festivals

Kingstown has a number of festivals lined up every year:

  • Nine Mornings, unique to the St. Vincent people begins nine days before Christmas. Parades, sea baths, dances, concerts, etc., are the characteristic events of this festival. It is believed to have originated in the 1920s.
  • The Annual Arts and Craft Exhibition, held in June offers the local artists an opportunity to showcase their talent. It is organized by Kingstown’s Lions Club.
  • Theatre Arts Festival, held in November is organized by the Ministry of Culture.
  • National Dance Showcase, held in September celebrates the various dances showcasing the culture of the island.
  • Vincy Mas, the Carnival of St. Vincent begins in June. It is celebrated over a period of two months and is characterized by dances, parades, beauty pageants, etc.

Apart from these, national holidays are commemorated in the capital.

Points of Interest (Places to Visit)

Kingstown is known for its churches, 19th-century buildings, and spectacular arches. Some of its prominent attractions are listed below:

  • St Vincent Botanical Gardens, established in 1765, are the oldest botanic gardens in the West Indies. Sprawled over 20 acres of land, they feature flowering plants and trees and are one of the first plant breeding centers in the Western Hemisphere. It also has an aviary displaying St Vincent parrots.
  • St Vincent National Museum, located inside St Vincent Botanic Gardens, it features artwork, stone carvings, etc., related to pre-Columbian Indian, Arawak, and Carib cultures.
  • Fort Charlotte is located 600 feet above on a ridge north of the city and offers an excellent view of Kingstown Island and the surrounding islands. It also has an amazing display of oil murals depicting the history of the Caribs.
  • St George’s Anglican Cathedral, built in the 1820s is a Georgian-style cathedral. With brightly painted yellow and green walls along with stained glasses, it maintains a traditional altar.
  • St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral, featuring Gothic spires and Romanesque columns and arches was built in 1823. However, in 1877, a steeple and a sanctuary were added to its architecture, and renovations were completed by 1930.


Kingstown has many inns, villas, and hotels. Beachcombers Hotel and Villa Lodge Hotel are for the humble with modest and clean surroundings. Hotels like Tropic Breeze Hotel Kingstown, Villa Lodge Hotel and Breezeville Apartments, and Moon Light Villa are a little more expensive. Other options are Paradise Beach Hotel, the Cobblestone Inn, New Haddon Hotel, etc.

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