Weather in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is touted as a year- round travel destination for business and travel, however weather forecasts in high summers can be intimidating because of the humidity and heat. Like most of South Eastern China, the climate is subtropical and the weather is temperate most of the year. In winters, while the inland areas like New Territories report occasional frost and sub zero weather, the Islands remain pleasant. Early Spring and Autumn are best times for traveling to Hong Kong. The time period from May to November is notorious for typhoons and thunderstorms.

Spring lasts from March to May. The temperatures alternate between 18 to 27 o C. The humidity is high and there is occasional rain and fog, because of which ferry services and traffic near the coasts are affected.

Summer comes in the months of June to August. This is the peak rainy season, humidity about 85% and typhoons are frequent. Temperatures rage from 27 to 33 o C. Temperatures drop at night to a pleasant 24-26 o C. July usually has bright and dry weather for about 2 to 4 weeks. However, the weather before and after is quite unstable and it is liable to pour at short notice. August is the rainiest month.

Autumn Months have ideal travel weather in the Hong Kong Islands. Lasting from September to November, it is the popular tourist season. Room rents are astronomical and crowds mob every tourist attraction. The humidity level drops to a bearable 60- 70%. However there is possibility of smog and resulting low visibility, especially near the Pearl River. There are also occasional dust storms in open outlying areas.

Winter is mild and hardly ever dips below 10 o C. The humidity is low and January is the driest month with very pleasant weather. Evenings can be a little chilly.

Travelers are advised to carry casual cotton resort wear for their trips. Comfortable footwear is recommended for travel since there are many pedestrian friendly areas. Smart casuals or semi formals are recommended for evenings and while dining out. It is also recommended that travelers carry a light jacket or sweater to combat the air conditioning rather than the chill factor. An umbrella or a wind cheater is a must during spring and summer because of the frequent rains.

Last Updated on: August 21th, 2018