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Flag of Dominican Republic

by Aakash Singha

The flag of the Dominican Republic features a central white cross. The rectangles to the top of the flag (from the hoist side) are blue and red while those to the bottom are red and blue rectangles. In the center of the white cross is the national coat of arms.

Dominican Republic Flag


The coat of arms consists of a red, white, and blue shield draped by a flag, a Bible, and a cross; on the left side of the shield is an olive branch while the right side of the shield is bounded by a palm branch. Above the shield is a blue ribbon which bears the words, “Dios, Patria, Libertad” meaning “God, Fatherland, Liberty”. There is also a ribbon under the shield in red color that reads, “Republica Dominicana” meaning “Dominican Republic”.

The blue and red colors have been taken from the flag of Haiti. Blue signifies the clear blue skies of the land denoting freedom and liberty; red stands for the blood shed and the noble patriotic spirit displayed by the countrymen in their fight for independence; white is a color of peace and dignity. The white cross is symbolic of faith, honor, and pride.

The flag was designed by the leader of the Trinitarians, Juan Pablo Duarte. Initially, the Dominican Republic used the Haitian flag. The Trinitarian leader modified the flag by imposing a white cross over the flag.

Official Name: Dominican Republic
Flag Proportion: 2:3
Adopted on: November 6, 1844
Designed by : Juan Pablo Duarte
Location: Located in the eastern part of the island of Haiti between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean
Capital City: Santo Domingo
Major Cities:
Area: 18,704 square miles
Population: 9,378,818
Currency: Peso (DOP)
Official Languages: Spanish
National Anthem: Valiant Quisqueyans
National symbol(s): palmchat (bird)
National colors: red, white, blue
National anthem:
Name: “Himno Nacional” (National Anthem)
Lyrics/Music: Emilio PRUD’HOMME/Jose REYES

Fact about Dominican Republic flag

Country Dominican Republic
Designed by NA
Adopted November 6, 1863
Revision 1844, 1849
Design and Colors A white cross with the national coat of arms in the centre that divides the flag into four rectangles, blue and red at the top and red and blue at the bottom
Size Ratio 2:3

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