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Full name: Principality of Liechtenstein
Capital City: Vaduz
Language: German, Alemannic dialect
Currency: Swiss Franc, Rappen
Religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant
National Anthem: "Oben am jungen Rhein" that means "On the Banks of the Young Rhine".
Newspaper: The Liechtensteiner Volksblatt, The Liechtensteiner Vaterland, Liechtensteiner Wochenzeitung.
Places to Visit: Triesenberg, Vaduz, Briefmarkenmuseum, Heimatmuseum, Malbun and much more.
Transport: Roadways: frequent buses run between places. These buses are specified with low-emission natural gas. The popular bus stations are Sargans, Buchs and Feldkirch. Railways: International railways.
Shopping: You can shop the popular handmade ceramics of Liechtenstein and also the handmade clay works and potteries. Liechtenstein postage stamps are also very famous there.

The original name of the country Liechtenstein is Principality of Liechtenstein. In German it will like this: " Fürstentum Liechtenstein ". In Liechtenstein you will get to see many attractive spots. The historical castles are very famous in this country. They bear the historical significance of the country. Some of these are Vaduz Castle , the Red House , Gutenberg Castle , Schellenberg and so on.

Economy Of Liechtenstein :
It is true that in Liechtenstein the natural resources are limited. However it has beautifully managed to overcome this deficiency in other aspects. Now it is a flourishing and developed country with a strong economic status. Liechtenstein has an open economy with a free market. Liechtenstein has enlisted its name as a member of the European Economic Area . It is in fact an association that integrates the diverse natures of European Free Trade Association and the EU. The main part of the revenue of this country comes from its export business. The things that are exported from Liechtenstein are audio and video connectors, dental products, some motor vehicles parts, prepared foodstuffs, hardware, electronic equipment, optical products   and many more things. Some of the export partners of Liechtenstein are Germany, Austria, France, and Italy from EU; UK; US; and Switzerland.

Liechtenstein Location Map
Location Of Liechtenstein :
Liechtenstein is a landlocked country in Central area of European continent. The neighboring countries are Switzerland in the western region and Austria in the eastern region. In the right side of the river Rhine this country is situated.

Physical Map Of Liechtenstein :
Liechtenstein is a hilly country in central Europe. You will get to see various mountains in this country. You will find the Alps range here. Among these mountain ranges the tallest one is the Vorder-Grauspitz in the southern part of the country. It calms to have the highest altitude in this country. It rises almost 2,599 m high above the sea level. On the other hand the lowest point of the country is Ruggeller Riet . It goes down 430 m below the sea level.

Liechtenstein Flag
Flag Of Liechtenstein :
The flag of Liechtenstein is very beautiful. It has got three colors in it. The flag has tow equally-proportioned bands of blue and red . The upper portion is blue and the lower portion is red. In the blue part there is a golden crown drawn. It is on the left side of the blue band. Earlier the flag did not carry the duke crown in it. Then in the year 1937 this crown was added to the flag. The golden crown bears a significant meaning. It represents the principality of the nation and also its independent nature.

Climate Of Liechtenstein :
When you are visiting a country it is very important to know its climactic features. In a word the climate of Liechtenstein can be said continental. Usually the winter months are cold and cloudy . Rainfalls and snowfalls occur frequently. On the other hand the summer months are comparatively warm along with some wet spells that linger for some time. In summer also the sky remains cloudy. Humidity is also high in the summer time and the temperature does not rise above 25° Celsius.

Flora And Fauna Of Liechtenstein
Flora : a big part of the country Liechtenstein is covered by its forests. The forest of course supplies wood to the country, but along with that it also plays another very important role. It prevents soil erosion and other natural calamities like flood and landslide. The trees that are most common in the country are beech , spruce , pine , fir etc. Rhine Valley is a very fertile land in Liechtenstein. There various kinds of vegetables grow. Some of these are potatoes, corn etc. A large variety of grapes and orchard fruits also can be found in the mountainous regions.

Fauna : Cattle animals are high in number. These are hogs , sheep , pigs and so on. In the water bodies like lakes, streams and rivers you will find lots of fishes. You must visit the Birka Bird Paradise . There you will get to see a number of varieties of birds such as amazons , macaws , peacocks , parakeets , baby birds , parrots and many more.

People Of Liechtenstein :
The total number of population of the country Liechtenstein is 33,987. Among this population 87.5% is occupied by the native people. The natives are known as Alemannic stock . Their ancestors were the tribes who used to speak German. Those people came to the land of Lichtenstein and settles down here in bank of the rivers Danube and Main . The rest of the population is covered by the Italians and the Turkish people.

Arts, Culture And Music Of Liechtenstein
Art : In Lichtenstein you will find various art museums such as Princely Collections , National Art Museum , Postage Stamp Museum and so on. Among these museums the most popular and the major one is the Princely Collections. Some famous theatre halls are Theater am Kirchplatz , Schlössle Cellar , Literature House etc.

Culture : Lichtenstein is a very small country. So naturally the neighboring nations have left some influence in its culture. Since there is a diversity of castes and tribes in the country, the culture is also mixed . Two Major parts of the culture of Liechtenstein are music and theatre. T riesenberger Frühling - Minifestival der klassischen Musik is a famous festival in Liechtenstein. It is primarily a music festival.

Music : Music is a very popular form of art in Liechtenstein. Music institutions like Liechtenstein Musical Company , International Josef Gabriel Rheinberger Society , Guitar Days etc are there to flourish the charm of music of the country.

Some famous performers and music bands are Liechtenstein Musical Company LMC, Tangente, Jazz and Blues in the Courtyard, Operetta Stage