Worst Food in the World

Human beings have an exceptionally strong survival instinct, they say. We are able to make do with strange and unusual foods when it comes to survival. But here is our list of 10 foods that are the worst that can be consumed, and yet are “delicacies” to the local folks. 10. Eascamoles Country: Mexico Escamoles […]

Could Paris attacks have been prevented?

  It was a kind of terrorist attack France had never witnessed before. Terrorists had staged coordinated strikes at six different locations across Paris, killing at least 129 people and injuring more than 300 others. Earlier in January, terrorists had also targeted the office of France’s popular weekly satirical magazine called Charlie Hebdo. Eleven people […]

Crimes of Moral Turpitude

Moral crimes against women have existed through time in several parts of the world. The problem with moral crimes is that it has different interpretations in different societies, where a thin line divides what is acceptable and what is condemnable. Either ways, victims are mostly girls or women, while in some cases, it involves boys, […]

The Dying Art of Hand Writing

“Keyboards have always intimidated me…A pen is a much more primitive instrument. You feel that the words are coming out of your body and then you dig the words into the page.”   When American author, Paul Auster spoke thus of the superiority of the pen to the keyboard, he perhaps did not realize that […]