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1. Vatnajökull, Iceland Location of: North of The Wall Vatnajökull, often called the Vatna Glacier, is one of the largest glaciers in Europe, and also covers over 8 percent of Iceland. Part of the Vatnajökull National Park, this glacier is both a natural wonder and a beauty to behold. There are several volcanoes underlying the ice cap and the Guinness World Records states that Vatnajökull is the “object of the world’s longest sight line”. Most [...]

George Martin can be credited as one of the world’s biggest names in the music industry who propelled four young men to stardom. Yet, he chose to remain away from the limelight. George Martin played a pivotal role in the rise of the Beatles, one of the biggest rock bands of the 60s and a global phenomenon. He is fondly referred to as the Fifth Beatle. To this day, rock bands swear by the group’s [...]

February 10, 2016

Child of Rage: A Story of Abuse (1990) Directed by Larry Peerce Horrifying, shocking, and chilling. These are a few of the words used to describe the 1990 documentary film Child of Rage: A Story of Abuse. The documentary features the story of 6 year-old Beth Thomas and her interviews with her therapist. Beth was a victim of sexual abuse and had consequently developed Reactive Attachment Disorder – an inability to empathise or connect socially. [...]

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the most awaited Hollywood movies supposed to come out in 2016. This film will see the clash, and eventual friendship, of Batman and Superman, arguably the most iconic superheroes of all time. The film stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and one also gets to see Superman’s most famous villains Lex Luthor and Doomsday. Deadpool Produced by Marvel Films, this film has Ryan Reynolds in [...]

“It ain’t fair you died too young Like a story that had just begun The death tore the pages all away” — Kenny Chesny The death of a brilliant artist, a gifted singer is always a great loss to the world. The pains of such a loss are compounded when the life ends way too early, a brilliant career stunted by an untimely demise. Here’s a look at 10 well-loved singers who died before the [...]

Over the years, gadgets and cars have been integral parts of the James Bond experience. Many who have seen Casino Royale will remember how Daniel Craig as James Bond used a defibrillator to come back to health after his martini was poisoned by the villain’s henchwoman or how M kept track of him by inserting a chip in his arm. Till date there have been some strangely-ingenious gadgets used by 007. These include a camera [...]

Skyfall remains the most commercially-successful Bond movie ever made. Released in 2012, it featured Daniel Craig in his third appearance as the character. It was made at a budget of 200 million dollars and earned in excess of 1.1 billion dollars around the world. The film was highly praised by critics for its fabulous acting, especially by the lead trio of Dame Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, and Craig himself. Other elements of the film such [...]

Cool Facts about Love Around the World Love may be just a four-letter word, but its power is unfathomable. It is a language that is perhaps the most commonly shared amongst the people of all the countries on earth. Yet, different countries have different take on the word love. Over the years certain beliefs and facts of love have evolved giving us different perceptions that pertains to that particular part of the world. Let us [...]

Film Festivals Around the World Films for every movie buff are not mere pastime or an activity just for fun – these buffs spend a whole lot of time and effort watching, evaluating, criticizing, and building opinion on movies. This effort is taken quite seriously as can be seen at Film Festivals and award functions like the Oscars. No wonder, countries across the world are now investing both money and time on glamorizing these International [...]

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