Celebrating Thanksgiving Day

10 Things You Don’t Know about Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is primarily about the great food on our tables and thanking Lord Almighty for the same. For almost everyone celebrating this wonderful festival it might seem to be rather familiar but it also needs to be understood that like every other festival in the world the traditions of this festival, which have been passed […]

Ten Most Relished Foods Around the World

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food” – George Bernard Shaw Most people in the world are apt to agree. While everyone craves rustic, home-cooked food, some dishes have transcended national and even regional boundaries to become global favorites. Countries and populations have adapted some of these dishes beyond recognition and yet […]

Dance Forms Around the World

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” – Voltaire Dance has been an ancient art form – one that mankind had taken to in an effort to physically express emotions, to celebrate and to showcase its rich culture. Different dance forms have developed in […]

Is Sex Still A Taboo?

While the definition and understanding of what comprises sex is broadly accepted across cultures, the form of sex and sexual expression, and its participants is what makes it a taboo in some cultures and countries. What is perfectly acceptable form of sex in one country or region, may be taboo in another part. So who […]

Christmas Myths and Legends

Twelve Days of Christmas This is one of the commonest Christmas songs sung across the world, right? The ‘12 days of Christmas’ refers to the celebration between December 25 (Christmas) and January 6 (Epiphany – when the three wise men are believed to have visited baby Jesus).  But there seems to be more than meets […]

How to Say Hello around the World?

Greetings are the first thing that we exchange with people from other cultures such as ones who do not speak our language or ones who are from a different country or perhaps a different part of the same country itself. It is the pleasant demeanor and a smiling face that helps us strike a conversation […]