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Chapora Beach, Goa

Chapora Beach in Goa

Chapora Beach in Goa

A scenic luxurious village full of tranquility, Chapora Beach is one of the loveliest spots in Goa. Nestled at the mouth of the Chapora River, it is a pleasant change from the bustling Anjuna Beach. Chapora Village is a working fishing harbor and the boat building community. Filled with a lush green landscape lined with black lava rocks, soft white sands, coconut palms and a sea that alternates between aquamarine and emerald green with the change in sun’s movement, Chapora has found its niche among travelers looking for the much sought-after serenity.

Back in the 60s, Chapora was a Hippie hotspot with its trance parties and experimental lifestyle. Even now, the beach air is heavy with the faint smell of ‘charas’ in the refreshing sea breeze that reminds nostalgic foreign travelers of its rich history. At night, Chapora lights up with exotic bars and dance floors to transport visitors to a distant place.

Overlooking these sands of time is a 500-year old majestic ruin, the Chapora Fort. A windswept, old laterite building located at the mouth of the Chapora River, it was built in 1617 to protect the Bardez Taluka from invaders. The Portuguese rebuilt the Fort in 1717 and added features like the tunnel that stretched till the river bank to speed up resupply or escape in times of danger.

Today, the Chapora Fort is a crumble of ruins that sends the traveler into a journey through time. The mouths of the two escape tunnels are still very prominent and a visitor with a keen eye can also make out a scattering of pre-Portuguese Islamic tombstones. The top of the Fort promises captivating views of sunset at the beach.

Swimming is not safe in the area due to the presence of strong undercurrents. Tourists can engage in a variety of thrilling water sports however, like windsurfing, parasailing, Ringo riding and jet skiing. They can also go for crocodile spotting and dolphin watching. You may not swim, but there is no harm in taking a little dip in the waves. Alert lifeguards are always present to help you just in case.

The quaint village that Chapora is, it does not have any multiplex. However, the market of the village offers a lot of shopping opportunities to the interested traveler. Right from spices, accessories, lamps, and exquisite candelabras made of rare blue china, earthen pots, woven baskets and more, the shops contain unique handy souvenirs. The little market between Chapora and Vagator beach also offers a variety of fish; good bargaining skills can get you far in this market..

‘Bebinca’, an enjoyable and authentic Goan delicacy made of tender coconuts, is found exclusively in these markets. The main street of Chapora Village is lined with a series of affordable cafés like Welcome that offer filling seafood, vegetarian and European dishes, techno and reggae music accompanied with backgammon sets. The Preyanka, another café located nearby, offers more Indian and Chinese options. Free Soul Café, Mandy’s Bar & Restaurant, Sakana and Sea Gull are some of the other popular cafés that serve authentic Goan and continental cuisines. The Ganesh Fruit Juice Center is popular for its wide range of fresh organic fruit juices.

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Chapora Beach Map

Facts about Chapora Beach

  • The name ‘Chapora’ is a distortion of the name ‘Shahpura’, meaning ‘Town of the Shah’; which was the original name of the village. It was on the ruins of this Shah’s structure that the present Chapora Fort was constructed.
  • Though initially meant to safeguard against intruders, the Fort has been captured innumerable times. Prominent among them was the occupation by Maratha ruler, Sambhaji, who managed to breach the fort on the backs of tenacious 1.5m long monitor lizards, who scaled the walls easily.
  • In spite of bustling tourism, Chapora continues to be a quaint fishing village. As one walks northwest of the narrow village road, one reaches the Chapora Harbor, where colorful fishing boats unload the day’s catch every evening. This not only provides a nice window into traditional village life; but also provides fish lovers with an opportunity to buy their for fresh fish at reasonable prices directly from the fishermen
  • But if you like catching your own fish, you can simply go to the fishing jetty at the Morjim beach where trawlers dock. This beach is also a popular fishing spot. Who knows, you might just get lucky!

Where is Chapora Beach?

Located at the mouth of the Chapora River, on its southern bank, Chapora Beach is a coastal village in Bardez Taluka, North Goa. It is around 10km from Mapusa and 22km from Panaji. Taxis, buses and motorbikes are always available from Mapusa and Panaji to Chapora. Dabolim International Airport lies at a distance of 46.7km from the beach and it takes around an hour and fifteen minutes to reach the airport from this beach. The nearest railway station is Karmali, 11km away from Panaji. Chapora beach is 8.7km (21 minutes) away from Anjuna Beach, 12.8km (32 minutes) from Calangute Beach and 15.4km (40 minutes) from Candolim Beach.

After reaching, there are a number of inexpensive Chapora beach accommodation options that travelers can avail. Some of the more popular choices are the Vagator Beach Resort, Omega Beach Resort, Goan Clove Hotel and Coco’s Resort. The beach huts also provide tasty seafood and drinks.

Best time to visit Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach is crowded with tourists at all times of the year. June to October is heavy monsoon season where total rainfall reaches up to 400cm. April and May are warm months while December and January require light woolens. Temperatures rise to a maximum of 32.7°C during summer months and fall to a minimum of 21.3°C during winter months. October to June is usually considered the best time to visit, with the Christmas – New Year week seeing special night parties on the beach.

More on Chapora Beach

What are the coordinates of Chapora Beach?
Chapora Beach is located at the coordinates of 15.6060°N, 73.7402°E.

What are some of the attractions near Chapora Beach?

Mamma Mia, Morjim Beach, Vagator Beach, Candolim Beach, Anjuna Beach

Published On: Wednesday, December 24th, 2014