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Cairo Museum in Egypt

The Cairo Museum is one of the chief tourist attractions of the city and showcases around 120,000 artifacts. A must-visit destination during the trip to Cairo, the museum draws several tourists who flock to this place to get a glimpse of the jewelry that it displays. Most of these priceless jewels and artifacts belonged to the Emperor Tutankhamen, however, there are many others belonging to other pharaohs. They symbolize the ethos and lifestyles of ancient Egyptian monarchs.

The Museum enthralls its visitors with its invaluable collection of sepia-colored papyri, many of which are torn due to the passage of time and their exposure to the elements before they were gingerly collected and carefully stored in the repository. The hieroglyphics on these torn pieces of priceless papers have challenged the graphologists, historians and language decipherers of the world who have put in their utmost efforts to comprehend the writings that were inscribed on them some three thousand years ago. Many of these parchments depict Greek, Latin and Islamic scripts clearly showcasing the indelible influence of the Europeans and Arabs on the social milieus of Egypt.

The Cairo Museum flaunts its collection of rare and old coins that were used by the Egyptians, the Romans and the Greeks of the ancient and medieval epochs. The area around the several sarcophagi of the Cairo Museum sports a somber atmosphere that harks back to a bygone age when pharaohs were embalmed with immense care.

Also known as the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, the place is a microcosm of the culture of the Egyptians from the eras before Christ to the periods ruled by the Greeks, Romans and the Caliphs.

Cairo Museum Location

Tahrir Square, Meret Basha, Qasr al-Nil, Cairo Governorate 11516, Egypt


Location Map of Egyptian Museum

Location Map of Cairo Museum

Cairo Museum Hours

The museum is open daily from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, except during Ramadan, when it closes by 5:00 pm.

Cairo Museum Entrance Fee

  • General admission fee is LE 4 for Egyptian nationals and LE 60 for foreign nationals. For local students, the general admission fee is LE 2 and LE 30 for foreign students.
  • Entrance fee for the Royal Mummies Room is LE 10 for Egyptian nationals and LE 100 for foreign nationals. For local students, the entrance fee is LE 5 and LE 50 for foreign students.
  • Entrance fee for the Centennial Gallery is LE 2 for Egyptian nationals and LE 10 for foreign nationals. For local students, the entrance fee is LE 1 and LE 5 for foreign students.
  • However, students will have to carry a valid student ID from an Egyptian university or an International Student ID card.


  • It houses an area dedicated exclusively for the preservation and depiction of the embalmment of the Egypt’s pharaohs.
  • This area is better known as the Royal Mummy Room because it comprises some 27 mummies.
  • The location of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo has been shifted several times to protect its relics from encountering repeated inundations of the Nile.

Best Time to Visit

Cairo remains dry and arid year round. However, winter (November to February) is the best time to visit Cairo.

Nearby Attractions

Places to Visit nearby are: Abdin Palace, Royal Automobile Club, Qasr al-Nil Bridge, Cairo Opera House,Giza,Abu Simbel, and Alexandria

Please Note: Photography is not allowed inside the museum

Map Credit: Mapsofworld.com

Image Credit: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen 


Published On: Tuesday, April 29th, 2014