Things to do in Seoul

From beautiful sights to lip-smacking delicacies, Seoul has something for everyone.

Seoul is a pulsating city. There is quite a lot to see and do here. Right from eating lip-smacking delicacies, drinking the finest beverages, strolling around the palaces, to shopping exclusive items. You name it and the city has it all. Have a look at what all you can do while in Seoul.


Top Things to do in Seoul

  • Rubberneck popular destinations with Hop on Hop Off Seoul Sightseeing bus

Walk through the historical passage of the Bukchon Hanok Village that is home to several traditional houses. The village is skirted by Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, and Jongmyo Shrine. The best way to travel is to get a seat on the Hop on and Hop Off Sightseeing bus.

  • Relish Mexican food in Vatos

Interestingly, you can also get Mexican food in Korea. Barge in Vatos Urban Tacosto enjoy Mexican delights. You may see people waiting for their turn to get the food. But, the wait to enter this spic-and-span restaurant is worth it. This Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant offers oodles of cuisines with foreign flavors.

  • Learn to make nutritious Kimchi

Kimchi is the traditional side dish of Koreans. This fermented food is highly nutritious and good for your stomach. It is very easy to make this simply delicious recipe. You can learn to make different varieties of Kimchi – vegetarian or non-vegetarian at the Kimchi Museum. I am sure you would love its tangy taste. It reminds me of mouth-watering pickles.

  • Refresh with the sight of 432 fountains

Summer is cool in Seoul with the splash fountains and ornamental springs dotted all over the city. These 432 fountains are operational from May to September. They offer a rejuvenating respite from the scorching summer heat. Kids love to frolic around the fountains. Don't worry as the water of these fountains is safe. Gwanghwamun Square Fountain, Boramae Park Fountain, and Cascade Fountain (Yeouido) are the popular fountains in Seoul.

  • Hit the shops in Seoul

Seoul is a shopper's paradise. Shop for 30,000 won or more and get tax returned. You need to check Global Blue Tax Free or Global Tax Free logo on your purchase. There are specific places where you can show your invoices and get the refund. Check with the shops or tourist information office before buying. Two of the most popular markets in Seoul are Myeongdong or Dongdaemun Market. While the former is famous for cosmetics and skin care products, the latter sells a full range of fashion products. The products sold in Dongdaemun Market are really inexpensive without compromising the quality.

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  • Terpsichore at Octagon club

Dance to the tunes played at the Octagon club – one of the hottest venues for night parties. It resembles a subterranean hideaway. The club boasts the best music system in the entire city. The distinguishing feature of this club is a large pool inside. Taste the vibrant nightlife of the city at the dimly-lit club. Whereas the ground floor welcomes the visitors with deep music, the first floor DJ plays electro. You may also dine and booze at the club. There is a raft of night clubs in Seoul. But Octagon is the top picked one.

  • Whoop it up in Seoul

Indulge in ceaseless drinking at the Glam bar. It is also another hottest venue for night fun. Being at Glam is like being in a lounge rather than a club. It is crowded every night, so you need to fight to get some space. Just at the mention of drink, I recalled makkeoli – a kind of alcoholic beverage made of rice. Do not miss to taste the makkeoli in Seoul. It is easily available at almost all restaurants in the city.

The city is hosting Asian Games 2014. Are you ready to watch your favorite players battling in the fields?

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Published On: Wednesday, August 6th, 2014