7 Must Have Apps for those Traveling to Seoul

Planning to visit Seoul? Keep these mobile apps handy.

If you are traveling to Seoul, and are new to Korean language and culture, here is a list of 7 apps that you will find handy in the new city.

1. Seoul Guide by TripAdvisor

Rated 5*, Compatible on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, requires iOS 6 or later, Price: Free

This app is a must have if you use an iPhone or an iPad. It shows:

  1. A comprehensive list of metro lines and stations
  2. All major tourist attractions
  3. Information on transport passes and money saving tricks on transport
  4. Maps for walking to tourist attractions
  5. Five zoom levels, so do not worry about your weak eyesight.
  6. Emergency numbers
  7. Introduction to most popular Korean food

And, it is 100% offline. Since this app comes loaded with features, it is a good idea to download it well in time, and get used to all of them.

A similar app may be downloaded even by Android users.

Download this app from : Google play store | Itunes Store

2. OTO Free International Calling App

This app is available for free international calling only in Korea and Japan.


  1. Make international calls at domestic rates
  2. International calls to 94 countries
  3. Cheap international calls(10Japanese Yen/20s)

The call quality is not always great but it is a great value for the money.

Download this app from : Google play store | Itunes Store

3. Google Translate App

Rated 4.4*, Compatible on Android and iOS, Price: free

If you do not know Korean, and probably a host of other Asian languages that will be spoken by participants and visitors in the Games, it is a good idea to get this app.


  1. Translates between 80 languages
  2. Can translate text, audio and video, you can even store the translated version
  3. Works 100% offline

Download this app from : Google play store | Itunes Store

4. Trip Journal App

Rated 4*, Compatible on Android, iOS, Bada and Symbian, Price: $2.99

Trip Journal is an award winning app that lets you digitally document your travel, complete with picture and blogposts.


  1. Google Earth integration allows travelers to geo-tag photos and blogs
  2. Allows user to give real time updates to friends and family
  3. Highly interactive since integrated with content sharing portals and social networking sites like Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and Twitter

This is a must have app if you love telling your travel journey through pictures, blogs and posts. Send across real time pictures of yourself in Seoul, while your friends far away feel all the more closer to your travails.

Download this app from : Official website

5. Around Me

Rated 4*, Compatible on Android, iOS, Price: Free


  1. It quickly identifies your position
  2. It gives a list of all businesses nearby like gas stations, malls, stores, taxi services, hospitals and what have you.

Download this app from : Official website

6. Naver Mapping App

Rated 4*, Compatible on iOS and Android, Price: Free

Naver may be considered the Korean equivalent of Google. In Korea, Naver is a much more comprehensive mapping service than Google and, as a result, is far more helpful. However, it uses only Korean. It would be best to use the Google translate app to translate names and spellings of places you are looking for, and then look them up on Naver.


  1. Provides shortest routes to destinations via any means of transport
  2. Location search
  3. Real time traffic updates
  4. Bus arrival schedules
  5. National Subway Route
  6. Street view/aerial view to give correct picture
  7. Hiking trail details for mountain hikers and bicyclists
  8. Downloadable for offline use.

Download this app from : Google play store | Itunes Store

7. Korean Food Guide App

Rated 4*, Compatible on iOS and Android, Price: Free on android, $0.99 for iOS

Developed by creators of the website seouleats.com, this app is a must-have for foodies interested in seriously exploring Korean food.


  1. In depth introduction to various Korean delicacies.
  2. Menu item specific search for restaurants
  3. Hoards of customer reviews
  4. Learn the Korean language equivalent to names of English menu items and make your life easier

Download this app from : Google play store | Official website

Bonus: Smart Torch Relay App

And here is a bonus app for all those who are already in high spirits for the upcoming Asian games. The torch has been lit on August 9 in New Delhi and is on its way to several other cities as part of the tradition of torch relay. The 'Smart Torch Relay' app is a very fun and smart app that gets you into the spirit of the game, even if you are unable to make it to any game in Incheon.

Rated 4.6*, Compatible on Android, Price: Free


  1. You can light the flame and also share it with a friend. It is amazing to watch your friend's screen light up with a tap from the flame on your phone.
  2. Play a game using any one of the three mascot seals of the Incheon Asian games and score brownie points by sharing the app.
  3. Stand a chance to win prizes from the Asian Games 2014.
  4. Get updates on important information about the Asian games 2014.

Download this app from : Google play store

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Published On: Friday, August 22nd, 2014