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Top 5 places to visit this December

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December may be your chance to run headlong into heaps of white snow or pack your bags and run away from it. One thing is for sure- December is definitely…

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December may be your chance to run headlong into heaps of white snow or pack your bags and run away from it. One thing is for sure- December is definitely the month when the travel bug bites the hardest. You may have been postponing your long overdue vacation because you were on a budget, your daughter had her monthly exams or your son caught a cold. But this festive season, it is time to put all your worries behind you and plan an amazing vacation- whether you take off to the far-off tropics or simply to meet your uncle living in the next city is a call that you make. We have done our duty and as always, this month too- we have brought to you- a list of best places to visit in december that look exceptionally good to visit.



Appreciate the spectacular beauty of Queenstown at the time of sunset

We cannot think of a single reason not to visit Queenstown this December, or for that matter, any time of the year. Queenstown is bustling with activities like hot- air balloon rides, bungee jumping, mountaineering and what not.

It is summer during December in Queenstown. Once you arrive here, you will realize that life could not have looked more beautiful. The yellow days of summer fuse into long golden evenings. Even if you choose to participate in none of the summer activities (which is next to impossible), you can simply meditate on the shores of the Lake Wakatipu, while the great mountains before your eyes send forth to you an irresistible invite.

December is especially fun since Queenstown has a lot of events lined up for this month. On December 5, the Arrowtown Long Lunch will be held on Arrowtown’s Buckingham Street. All the eateries of Arrowtown participate in the event. You need to check the menus online, order your meals and take a seat at one of the many tables that are lined up from one end of the street to the other. You can follow it up by attending the Shotover Jet Christmas Cracker, a must-attend variety concert featuring the best local talent- singers, dancers and entertainers. Shop at the Arrowtown Boutique Market, and finally, when the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s eve, join the town celebrations in Earnslow Park, Queenstown.

Things happening in December: Arrowtown Long Lunch, Shotover Jet Christmas, Arrowtown Boutique Market, Rhythm and Alps Music Festival, Queenstown New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Dates: December 5, December 6, December 14, December 30 & 31, December 31 & January 1.

Know more about Queenstown, what all you can do there and how you will reach the place.


During Junkanoo Parade in Bahamas

Take part in the Junkanoo Parade in Bahamas

Bahamas is the place to go this December, if you like the festive mood of Christmas, but not the snow-clogged streets. The tourist season in Bahamas, starts in full swing starting from December. Rains are very occasional (if at all) and temperatures are sunny between 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Book your flight and hotel months in advance if you plan to visit the Bahamas during December since prices of everything skyrocket during winter. But no one said, good things in life come free- not in the least the sun and sand of the Bahamas. There is one more solid reason party lovers do not mind footing hefty hotel and airfare bills- the Junkanoo winter festival. Junkanoo is the Mardi Gras of the Bahamas.

You can imagine the scale of the festival only when you see the gorgeous costumes of the Junkanoo parade participants that can be sighted from miles away. To get a better viewing of the pageant try to get a seat on the Bay Street in Nassau. The procession, with all its accompanying frills, like music and dance, starts moving along the streets of Nassau from early in the morning. This is no attempt at an ostentatious display by amateurs; the gaily decked up parade, and the well-synchronized dance moves, are in fact, the outcome of months of practice. You can see some of the most elaborate diorama costumes. Most of the colorful ensembles are made of handcrafted crepe paper. The parade happens again on the 1st of January.

Besides the parade, Bahamas has a lot to offer as always. You can snorkel in waters around the Athol Island, encounter dolphins at the Blue Lagoon island, have fun watching the fish swim in Dean’s Blue Hole, or just lie there getting a tan at the Atlantis Paradise Hotel waterfront.

Things happening in December: Junkanoo Parade

Dates: December 26 and January 1

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Kangaroo Island, Australia

Kangaroo Island

Get close with Kangaroos at the third largest island of Australia

You should be in Kangaroo Island in Australia in December to look at all the tiny babies that come along in this summer month. The New Zealand fur seals give birth to their pups- usually these pups have a jet black coat at birth, the color of which changes with time. Australian sea lions too, start giving birth to their babies towards late December. These little creatures will entrance you with their guileless look. Their ferocious nature mellowed by motherhood, the sea lions gambol with their little ones, and rub their noses in a fond gesture. A reptile lover can track Heath goannas that lay their eggs in termite mounds. Wallabies, koalas and kangaroos- all have their little ones coming along in the summer month of December. These little creatures are born hairless and blind, but pretty soon, they develop nice and soft fur coats and playful ways.

Things happening in December: breeding time for many animals

When: December through March

View this nice infographic to know more attractions in Kangaroo Island

Los Cabos


Los Cabos

Appreciate the natural beauty of Los Cabos

Los Cabos is dedicated to giving you the best time of your life, no matter what you choose to do there.’Visit Los Cabos when the pressures of everyday life have gotten upto here’ is the slogan that the hospitality industry in Los Cabops, and the tour operators here, have made famous. Indeed, Los Cabos not only abounds in natural beauty, but the range of entertainment options the place offers is seemingly endless. Los Cabos offers two unique experiences in one place- hence it is also called the dual destination. San Jose del Cabo, on the one hand is all that you expect a charming Mexican town to be- cozy restaurants and bars, pebbled streets and an amicable crowd. Cabo San Lucas, is more aligned to the North American culture- with posh high end malls and clubs. The eclectic culture of Los Cabos, set in the beautiful scenery where the green Sea of Cortez washes its desert shores, draws holidaymakers throughout the year. December, however, is the best time to visit as the usually humid weather is at its pleasantest best. It is the best time for whale watching too. Other activities in Los Cabos include fishing, golfing, relaxing in the spa, spending all you want in the big shopping centers, land sports, kayaking, eco-tours and much more.

Things happening in December: Whale-watching

Dates: Throughout December



Celebrate Christmas in Singapore

We will give you two solid reasons to visit Singapore- its buildings and its food. Famous architect Moshe Safdie, who has also designed the The Marina Bay sands Resort in Singapore finds the architectural planning of the city ‘cutting-edge’. American chef Anthony Bourdain calls Singapore one of the food capitals of the world. When you visit Singapore in December, be prepared to see a lot of locals as well as tourists, as The Christmas in the Tropics celebrations draws a large number of tourists throughout the winter season. For six weeks Singapore dons the Christmas look- lights dazzle in the Orchard Road and Marina Bay. Shops remain open for longer hours, and great deals, promotions and sales in all stores. Even Santa, dressed in furs, makes an appearance. Once you partake in the Christmas in the Tropics celebrations, you will know where Singapore gets its name of a ‘nighttime shopping destination’.

While you are in Singapore, take a little time off shopping and visit the architectural delights, and plant and animal conservatories here.

Things happening in December: Christmas in the Tropics

Dates: Orchard Road- November 15 to January 1, Marina Bay- November 8 to December 27

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