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Coex Mall, Seoul

COEX mall, Seoul

Coex Mall  is one of the largest underground shopping malls in Asia

Coex is identified as the business and cultural hub of Seoul. This huge underground mall is visited by over 150,000 people per day. With the floor space of more than 450,000 meters square, it is South Korea’s top business events venue. Over 200 exhibitions and 2,000 conferences are conducted annually in this four-floor meetings venue. The mall is tied to the COEX Convention Centre, World Trade Center, three five-star hotels, a Hyundai department store, and a multiplex cinema.

Continuous enhancements at Coex has made it No. 1 exhibition center in South Korea. The Coex site was revamped for the 2000 Asia-Europe Meeting. The addition includes new Convention & Exhibition Center along with ASEM Tower, Coex Inter Continental Hotel, and Coex Mall.

The mall offers a raft of shopping options in the form of bookshops, restaurants, musical records, etc. With plenty of green spaces, the Coex Mall is a fine example of sustainable development.

Two of the chief highlights of the mall are:

  • Megabox Cineplex

    It has 16 theaters to allure the young crowds. Annual ‘Mega European Film festival’ is held at Megabox. Check out the website for present shows.

  • The COEX Aquarium

    It is home to over 40,000 marine creatures. The aquarium takes you on a water journey. Get rid of your dead skin by visiting the Doctor Fish Exhibition. Dip your hands in water and the fish nibble your fingers to make it clean. There are several other delights at the aquarium including the exhibit of Humboldt penguins, seal tanks, etc.

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Coex Mall Map

Location map of Coex Mall, Seoul

Location map of Coex Mall in Seoul

Coex Mall Facts

  • President Park Chung Hee commissioned the Korea’s first exhibition center in December 1976.
  • The exhibition center, a subsidiary of the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), was opened in 1979.
  • Though owned by KITA, it emerged as an independent unit named KOEX in 1986.

Coex Mall Location

The Coex Mall is situated in the World Trade Center Complex in Gangnam District, South Korea. It takes about one to one-and-a-half hour to reach the Mall from the Gimpo International Airport. You can choose to travel by bus, car, or subway.
Address :  Coex, 159, Samseong dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-731, S. Korea

Best time to visit Coex Mall

The best time to visit South Korea is from September through November, when the weather is idyllic.

Coex Mall Opening Hours

The Coex Mall opens year round from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The stores, theaters, etc., have their specific hours of operation.

Coex Mall Tickets

No entry tickets are required to enter the mall. You need to buy tickets for enjoying shows at the theaters or auditorium.

More on Coex Mall

What are the coordinates of the Coex Mall Seoul?
37.5119° N, 127.0589° E

Which are the famous attractions in the Gangnam district?
Bongeunsa, Kimchi Field Museum, Milal Museum of Art, Museum of Korean Embroidery, Posco Art Museum, and Coreana Cosmetic Museum.

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Published On: Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014