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El Boquerón National Park, El Salvador

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El Boquerón National Park

Boquerón crater is one of the chief attractions of the El Boquerón National Park 

The El Boqueron National Park in El Salvador sits atop the San Salvador volcano. With ornamental tropical flowers like ‘cartuchos’, hydrangeas, begonias and wild ‘sultanas’, the park is a wonderful travelers’ spot. Travelers coming to San Salvador, visit this park wooed by its main attraction, El Boqueron. Literally translated, El Boqueron means ‘wide mouth’. It is a crater that lies in the heart of the park, with a diameter of 5 km and a depth of 558 meters. The surprise is a mini crater inside the bigger one which the locals of San Salvador lovingly call ‘El Boqueroncito'(little Boqueron). This little crater is the upshot of the latest volcanic eruption of 1917. A hike down the crater is a challenge, even for practiced hikers since the steep walls make the descent very difficult.

There are several scenic trails leading up to five viewing areas from where one can view the craters. It is not much of a walk for regular hikers. However, for travelers whose calf muscles have not had much exercise lately, the hike can prove quite a jaunt. Thoughtfully laid out benches, give tired hikers time to catch their breath. And, then the view of El Boqueron descends on the onlooker. A testimony, to the finality of nature. A reminder of our irrelevance in the larger scheme of things.

On the way down, visitors to the park can buy local fruits, sold by local residents trying to make living, at the gate of the park. There are restaurants here too, which sell assorted Central American delicacies, a wonderful treat for the worked up appetite after the hike.

El Boquerón National Park Map

Facts about El Boquerón National Park

  • The park is situated at a height of 1800 meters.
  • Before the Spanish conquest of the 16th century, the volcano was known as Quezaltepec since the place abounded in Quetzales, a long feathered bird native to Central America.

Where is El Boquerón National Park?

The nearest airport to El Boqueron National Park is El Salvador International Airport at San Luis Talpa Department of La Paz. The El Boqueron Park lies at a distance of approximately 58.4 km from El Salvador National Airport, and the drive to the park from the airport takes about 51 minutes via the Autopista Comalapa Highway.

Best time to visit El Boquerón National Park

El Salvador remains packed with tourists during the Semana Santa (Holy Week) the week preceding Easter Sunday, August and during the winters from November through February. The winters may get a little chilly, but are still the best time to visit. August is good too, if you can travel keeping in mind the delays caused by occasional downpours. The weather is very hot and humid from March through August and is best avoided.

El Boquerón National Park Hours

Park remains open from Wednesday to to Sunday and on holidays from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm

More on El Boquerón National Park

What are the co-ordinates of the Parque el Boqueron ?

13.44 deg North, 89.17 deg West

Which are the interesting places located around El Boqueron Naational Park?

Since it is so near the city of San Salvador, all the attractions of San Salvador are easily accessible from the park as well. A few points of interest are the Lago de Coatepeque, the ruins of Tazumal El Salvador and Estadio Cuscatlan.

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Published On: Tuesday, August 19th, 2014