Las Vegas Wedding Destination

Enjoy a wild wedding at the Sin City, Las Vegas!

Vegas is a city that will break your heart. She will make you fall in love with her many-colored splendor, and then flutter her lashes at a total stranger.

So, it is time you told her off in no uncertain terms. And what better way to do this than to make your lifelong vows to your true love, in the heart of the city itself. Sin City Vegas takes on a different and much less maligned hue, when you savor its delights in the company of your betrothed.

And, Vegas, has some excellent deals to offer that has made it the marriage capital of the world. You can incorporate as many wacky ideas as you want, in your marriage ceremony, and in Vegas, it will be just another marriage. Vegas has famous hotels that recreate the atmospheres from another town or era. So, you can exchange your vows atop the Eiffel tower at Hotel Paris, or kiss your bride in a memorable gondola ride in the waterways of Hotel Venetian. If your first love has always been the greasy cheese omelet that spells 'sin', you may prefer getting married in the Las Vegas location of the chain restaurant Denny's where they have put wedding on the menu! A sea lover can scuba dive to kiss his bride at the Silverton Aquarium and an Elvis fan can have an Elvis look alike walk her down the aisle. So, you see, Vegas can get you married in any style you want. The crazier the better.

If you are famished for some good food after a long day of planning your wild wedding, make a beeline for the lunch buffet spreads in the hotels. These buffets serve a variety of food starting from Chinese to Mexican and are a perfect representation of the cultural variety of the melting point called Vegas. You can follow it up by getting drunk on the roads of Vegas, irrespective of what time it is. Then, make your way to the iconic musical fountain show at Hotel Bellagio, where, lost in the crowd, you two can find your own special paradise.

A small tip that will help you save. Get your wedding guests hooked to the slot machines in the hotel casinos. Not only are the games addictive, but players are usually served free drinks from time to time. And, if you are not in a mood to blow up a pile of money on a Cirque du Soleil show for your entire wedding group (though it is definitely worth it), get seats at the free shows at places like Hotel Caesars and Mirage.

Image creditPete Arvanitis

Published On: Monday, September 1st, 2014