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5 Famous Party Islands Around the World

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We have complied a list of the famous 5 uninhabited islands around the world, we have also listed world’s 5 most famous island cites as well as world’s five famous…

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Famous party islands

Famous party islands where there’s a party every night!

We have complied a list of the famous 5 uninhabited islands around the world, we have also listed world’s 5 most famous island cites as well as world’s five famous island reefs – all this is great news for travel lovers. But what about travelers who are innate party animals and would go anywhere for the love of a great night party. Here is some good news for you as well.

In this article we are listing 5 most famous party islands around the world. So, if you catch your backpacking spouse, browsing through internet once again, in search of never heard -before places to run off to, here is your chance. Convince him to take you to any of these 5 islands listed below; he can explore all the flora and fauna that he wants, while you sneak off to the most happening parties in town. Here is the list of famous party island around the world:

1. Cala Jondal Beach, Ibiza, Spain

The party scene here is all about entertaining guests in true VIP manner. Of course, guests are charged in true VIP manner too. The VIP guest list includes Leonardo Dicaprio and Prince William. The highly acclaimed club Blue Marlin that has acquired a legendary status today, is on the Cala Jondola Beach. This club spells ‘raucous’, ‘racy’ and ‘glamorous’ in real VIP terms. There are even private areas ensconced in the parks where VIP guests can be entertained.

Located at a fifteen minute drive from Ibiza Town, the Cala Jondal beach has many high end beach restaurants that have succeeded in providing excellent quality dining and service, while at the same time retaining a casual beach-side ambiance. The beach clubs employ ‘zodiacs’ which are small inflatable dinghies that are used to transport guests from their yachts to the beach restaurants. Servers even take drinks to the guests in the yachts using these zodiacs. Another famous beach club here is the Tropicana Beach Club. Remember to book your spot in advance, as these clubs remain booked to capacity at any point in time, even during the day.

2. Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos Island

This beach is unique in that it is new and a favorite of the gay population and nudists. Students have a fun time here as well. There are no hotels here. The crowd here is eclectic. And, going by the mood of the people here, the entire beach wears the atmosphere of a club. The infamous Coco Club has been renovated into the Jackie O beach Club that attracts the gay crowd. Then there is the famous Super Paradise Beach Bar that has a party starting from 5 p.m. everyday and going on till wee hours of the morning.
The tag-line with which the Super Paradise Beach advertises itself says it all: The most sinful paradise. So, what are you waiting for. Get into your shrieking pink club wear, or for that matter, do not wear anything at all- and head straight for the Super Paradise Beach on the Mykonos Island. Where else would you find individuals who wear their personality on their sleeves, and embrace you as you are- with all your quirkiness. Add to it, the breathtaking scenery of Greece, and you are in enviable company.

3. St Lucia Island

St Lucia is one of the many Caribbean islands, where, if you haven’t mingled with the locals, and had local cuisine, you have missed half the fun. Snorkeling, sunbathing, sightseeing- all that happens. But if you really want to see St Lucia come alive, wait till Friday evening. On Friday evenings, the locals organize the Gros Islet Street Party called Jump-up. Everybody starting from locals to tourists who have arrived here from across the world, is out on the streets. Locals set up food stalls selling local cuisines and drinks at very reasonable prices. Large tables are set up where many people sit down together to eat. Some locals even try to sell their wares. The music is mostly English and very loud, with everyone dancing together. Even little children have a great time jumping about in the name of dance. The jump ups continue till late night, with the streets becoming increasingly crowded and the music loud, as the night progresses.
If dancing on the streets of St Lucia is not for you, then you can opt for an evening ride on the Marigot Bay Ferry. You can board the ferry and ride to the Marigot Beach Club Hotel. There you can feast on a huge selection of seafood and barbequed items.
If you would rather sit in a lounge and listen to some live music you can opt for the several nightclubs on the island like Delirius or The Lime on the Bay.

4. Full Moon Party, Ko Pha Ngan, Gulf of Thailand

One visitor to the Full Moon Party at Ko Pha Ngan has described it as “a remarkable testament to both human physical endurance- particularly the eardrums- and abject greed and stupidity.”The party takes place on the Haad Rin Beach every full moon- yes, you heard it right. This party of hedonistic excesses takes place every month. You would think that one would tire of such frequent overindulgence- apparently not. The Full Moon party had started way back in the 1980s and continues till today. One main reason is that it attracts a lot of tourists and is a major source of income.

Once you arrive, you will find the entire beach from Paradise in the south to Mushroom Mountain in the north illuminated with lights and booming with loud music (more noise, less music). A lot of activities take place on the long stretch of beach starting from loud performance on the stage, to scary fire performances, and a lot of drinking. The popular drinking choice here are ‘buckets’- these are small plastic buckets half filled with vodka, gin or whiskey, a couple of Red Bulls, ice and a mixer. These buckets start showing their magic soon, and all along the beach you will find inebriated people. An event of this magnitude cannot be pulled off without some basic amenities- so you have medical camps and sleeping camps put up. Again, there are relatively quieter places where a couple can enjoy a nice dance. In a nutshell, this party is a load of senseless fun combined with a very bad hangover the next day. But if you really consider yourself a wild party animal, the Full Moon Party on the Haad Rin Beach of Ko Pha Ngan is not to be missed.

5. Beachcomber Island, Fiji

The Beachcomber Island in Fiji has been claimed by many to be the greatest party island on earth. Well, we will definitely not argue with that. With a grove of palm trees in its heart, and scintillating blue waters on whose white sandy shores you can dance your heart away, Beachcomber is the island of choice if you want to party in elegance, and yet have the time of your life. Wood and straw huts called bures, are conveniently placed in locations that keeps you close to nature as well as the party scene. This of course is not very difficult, for the party takes place in the midst of nature’s best. Chefs at the Beachcomber island resort make sure that guests who are partying through the night return to a sumptuous buffet spread in the morning. No matter how hard you are partying, do make time for the dinner show that showcases Tahitian (hula) dancers and fire dancers who narrate the history of the island through dance.

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