Wondering what makes Paris a dream wedding destination? Read on!

Wondering what makes Paris a dream wedding destination? Read on!

If you do not have the means for a posh wedding ceremony, do away with all the bells and whistles and elope to Paris. Who wants all the fuss of having to hang out with a hundred more people on their wedding day anyway? All those months of courting have not been enough, and all that you love-birds ever want to do on your wedding day, is to look into each other’s eyes to evening from morn. Well, in that case, nothing will suit you better than an elopement to Paris.

Leave the wedding party behind and elope to Paris for a symbolic wedding in front of the much-romanticized Eiffel Tower. Follow it up with a honeymoon at Le Bristol. Do not miss the heavenly le pain perdue (French toast) that this hotel serves for breakfast. Well, how a cash strapped and lovestruck pair of sweethearts will manage a stay at Le Bristol, is something only a die-hard romantic can figure out.

The promise of enchanted love this city offers, however, is not confined to the luxurious boudoirs of plush hotels and waxed floors of fine dining rooms. Tour the Luxembourg gardens, watch your reflections intersperse in the waters of the Medici fountain, or steal your private moments in the corridors of the Chateu de Versailles. At dinner, you can take a cue from the French and have your own La Coupe de Marriage(an engraved two handled cup) from which you can toast each other.

And on midnight set out for a ramble along the streets of this city of lights, with your turtledove. And, if the 1920s call out to you, like they did to Gil in Midnight in Paris, have your glass of champagne ready for a rendezvous with jazz.

WHERE: Outdoor locations for your symbolic ceremony are Eiffel Tower Park, Square du Vert Galant, Luxembourg Gardens, Sacre-Coeur Gardens, Parc des Buttes Chaumont.

Image credit : Florian Plag

Published On: Friday, August 29th, 2014