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Best Places to Visit in April, 2015

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If you are planning to go on a holiday, then the month of April could very well be the best time to do so. Why, you ask? Well, the season…

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If you are planning to go on a holiday, then the month of April could very well be the best time to do so. Why, you ask? Well, the season of spring (or autumn for people in the southern hemisphere) is on full swing and it doesn’t matter where one chooses to go. You will be greeted with great weather and a range of events that are designed to make the best of the excellent weather conditions. Not just that, but there are numerous festivals that are held around the globe to celebrate the changing of seasons. So get out those backpacks and start packing because there is much to see and do. Here is the list of best places to visit in April 2015 :


One of the best things about visiting Spain is that one gets the history and culture associated with Europe along with the laid back and easy going attitude that is prevalent in the countries along the Mediterranean. The temperature in Spain generally hovers around the 20° C (68° F) around this time which is almost perfect. So it doesn’t matter if you are a history buff visiting the cities of Granada or Seville, a party animal dancing the night away in Barcelona or Madrid or a sun worshipper who would like nothing better to do than to hop from beach to beach along Costa Blanca or Costa Brava. Spain has something for everyone.

The Holy Week

The Holy Week is the most important week in all of Christianity. However, the Spanish take things up a notch. During the Holy Week or Semana Santa as it is known in Spain, large processions are held by brotherhoods or fraternities who wear penitential robes called nazareno. They also carry with them floats or pasos which depict various scenes from the Bible. However, the details of the procession and activities vary from city to city and it is definitely the best way to learn about the cultural differences in different parts of Spain. The festivities will start on the 29th of March and will go on till the 5th of April this year. So, if anyone wants to take part in the event, it is advisable for them to book their tickets right now!

Holy Week celebrations in Spain

Get close with the Spanish culture during the Holy Week


Bahrain isn’t usually on the list of many people when they’re picking their list of top destinations. However, the tiny nation does have a lot to offer, especially to those who wish to visit the Middle East, but have apprehensions about doing so. For one thing, Bahrain is a lot more liberal when it comes to rules and policies as compared to its Middle Eastern neighbors so tourists can feel a bit more relaxed here. Those belonging to the LGBT community can feel a bit at ease here as homosexuality is legal. Horse riding as well as scuba diving are quite popular in the country. The Hawar Islands are especially popular amongst bird watchers. The reason why April is the best time to visit the country is because the weather hovers around the 25° C (77° F) mark which is comparatively better as compared to the rest of the year.

The Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix

If you have a thirst for speed and an octane rating instead of a blood group, then the Bahrain Grand Prix is the place to be. The race will be held at the Bahrain International Circuit, on the 19th of April this year with practice and qualifying held on the 17th and 18th of April respectively. The race will be a celebration of everything that is fast, beautiful and loud, making it ideal for gear-heads everywhere.

Formula 1 Grand Prix

Experience the thrills of the Formula 1 Grand Prix


Nobody needs to have a reason or a specific time to holiday in the Caribbean, but the month of April is something else entirely. The temperatures are usually between 20° C to 26° C (approximately between 70° F and 80° F) and it is not as crowded, especially after Easter. There are tons of activities one can do amongst the many nations that make up the Caribbean which make it the best place to visit if you are looking for a bit of fun in the sun. Not only that, but each of the nations that make up the Caribbean have its own unique flavor so island hopping is definitely something everyone can enjoy.

The Barbados Reggae Festival & The Tobago Jazz Experience

The Barbados Reggae Festival is a celebration of reggae, arguably the Caribbean’s greatest cultural export. As you might have guessed, the festival is held in Barbados and will be held from the 19th to the 26th of April, 2015. If you love the genre or music in general, then the Reggae Festival is definitely up your alley. If reggae isn’t your preferred genre, then the Tobago Jazz Experience may be something that will pique your interest. The jazz extravaganza will be held from the 18th of April to the 19th of April this year and sees performances by a host of internationally acclaimed performers.

Barbados Reggae Festival

Watch your favorite artists perform at the Barbados Reggae Festival


The temperature in Vietnam isn’t exactly what many would describe as pleasant, regardless of when you choose to visit. In the month of April, the temperature generally hovers around 25° C to 30° C (77° F to 86° F). However, it is the natural beauty of Vietnam that draws people to it. A majority is of the country is still underdeveloped which means that one can enjoy the natural geographical beauty of the area. Travel, lodging and food in the country are all pretty cheap which has made it quite popular with backpackers around the world.

The Danang International Fireworks Competition

Once every two years, the city of Danang hosts an international fireworks competition along the banks of the Han River. The event will be held on the 28th and the 29th of April, 2015 and will see teams from many different countries competing to see who will be crowned champion. The event can be seen from nearly anywhere in the city, but for the best seats in the house, one can expect to pay a maximum of 500,000 VND, which is about $23 US. You have got to love that exchange rate!

Danang International Fireworks Competition

Celebrate with light at the Danang International Fireworks Competition

So what do you guys think of the places suggested? Do you have any suggestions of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

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