It is Orderly Sydney

Lots of Sky and Lots of Activity, But All Orderly - Sydney

Lots of sky, lots of fresh air, lots of activity and yet the city is very orderly. Yes, "orderly" is the word I will prefer to use for the city and not "clinical" and obviously not "chaotic". The city, of course, has too many intersections and the average speed can hardly be more than 20 miles per hour within the CBD. But the city moves, its vistas invite you to be a part of them. You can see miles at a stretch and break every mile to 10 meter sticks and live or take in each stick separately.

Sydney - Vistas

The only thing you should have is time as every corner is inviting.

The fact that Sydney is a city made on hills, and mercifully, the hills were not flattened totally, allows for a gentle, unhurried flow of the city. People don't honk, they patiently wait for the traffic to move and take them along. Of course, the roads are not wide enough for overtaking without getting on the wrong side anyway. People do talk about corruption in Australia, but it is not on a level like in India where everyone understands it and is part of it and is working to make it flourish.

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There is a lot to experience and see in Sydney. I had planned a four-day study tour, I think that was too inadequate. It should have been at least a 15-day study tour if I wanted to really go anywhere around the veins and bones of the city and bring back the real Sydney with me. For a tourist, 3-4 days can be adequate but surely don't fulfill. If you visit Sydney in the months of July or August, do plan to start your day early and end early. Stepping out of your hotel room at 7:00 am would be ideal and planning to be back by 7:00 pm would be fine too.

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Be prepared to walk a lot: the more you walk, the more you absorb. Plan for a 7-8 miles of walking every day and allow times for your muscles to relax. Have fun!


Published On: Tuesday, August 13th, 2013