Paragliding at Pokhara Valley in Nepal

I wish to fly high with a zeal to touch the sky,
On remembering the Fall of Icarus, I feared to even try!
Thanks to the inventions that seem an answer to my cry,
With activities such as paragliding, the desire to try is reaching sky high!

Nepal is a culture-rich country and it is blessed with scenic splendor (the pristine beauty of the region as well as beautiful people with a genial nature). It is famous for its Pokhara Valley, the second largest valley in Nepal, that offers adventurous activities, esp. paragliding. If you wish to feel like a bird in the sky and do not suffer from acrophobia, then this is a must-visit destination. The lakes in the valley are like a gem in the crown. The panoramic views of the Pokhara valley are a true delight to the body, mind, and soul.

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Why Do Paragliding at Pokhara Valley?

  • The valley has high mountains with 3 peaks reaching an altitude over 8,000 m.
  • The weather conditions are perfect for flying.
  • Gentle winds blow, and the weather is predictable and consistent.
  • The view from the sky is out of this world.

Tips for a Memorable Paragliding Tour

Just follow the following tips to make your paragliding tours to the Pokhara Valley a success:

  • There are several companies offering paragliding tours. Some may make fake promises. Just ensure the company you are choosing is the right one and has a good track record.
  •  Be assured that the company you choose has insurance coverage.
  •  The best time to go paragliding is 11:30 a.m. when the winds have become active.
  •  If you are booking a flight, do it at least 1 day in advance. It makes it easy for the companies to plan.


In Pokhara, 19 companies offer tandem flights and all charge the same:

  • $75 for a 30-minute standard flight
  • $110 for 40 to 60-minute cross-country flight
  • $17 for 5 minutes video, 30 stills GoPro footage

Paragliding license

If you wish to pursue paragliding around the world, you may opt out to undertake a 15-day introduction course to paragliding. Presently, only two companies viz. Sunrise and Blue Sky offer this course that costs €120.00 per day (the cost includes equipment). You will get a paragliding license that would make you eligible to paraglide anywhere in the world.

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Image Credit : jeeheon

Published On: Thursday, January 9th, 2014