Immigration Problem around the World

The image of a dead Syrian toddler lying on a Turkish beach shook the world and brought before it the plight of migrants who are fleeing from their homes in war torn countries in search of a better life. As the conditions continue to deteriorate in Syria and some other countries, thousands of migrants are moving over to Europe through perilous routes encountering various dangers.

What is this immigration problem happening around the world?

The 2015 migrant crises is one of the worst in the history of Europe. The 2015 European migrant crisis has emerged because of thousands of migrants are trying to reach Europe to seek asylum in European countries. These migrants are reaching Europe across the Mediterranean Sea or through Southeast Europe. The refugees are crossing into Europe to escape political upheaval in the Middle East and Africa.

From which countries are people moving out?

A report by the United Nations refugee agency mentioned that around 58 percent of the migrants who came to Europe by sea during the first six months of 2015 were from Afghanistan, Eritrea, and Syria. Of these, Syrians formed the largest group (34 percent) who were trying to escape from the four-year old civil war. The next were the Afghans, who were escaping the Taliban and then the Eritreans who were fleeing from forced labor. Other than these three, refuges are also crossing over from Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Gambia, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Where are the migrants heading?

These migrants are heading to European countries and as of now, Germany tops the list. Germany has received the bulk of applications at the start of this year and expects to receive more than 800,000 refugees in 2015 – mostly from Syria. Most of the migrants are taking the sea route and are coming to Greece. This is followed by Italy and Spain and Malta to a much lesser extent.

The data of the number of the first-time asylum claims from Jan to Mar 2015 includes

  • Germany – 73,120

  • Hungary – 32,810

  • Italy – 15,245

  • France – 14,770

  • Sweden – 11,415

  • Austria – 9,705

  • United Kingdom – 7,335

  • Belgium – 3,440

  • Bulgaria – 3,190

  • Greece – 2,610

  • Netherlands – 2,425

  • Spain – 2,035

  • Denmark – 1,505

  • Poland – 1,440

  • Finland – 960

  • Ireland – 625

  • Cyprus – 430

  • Czech Republic – 355

  • Malta – 345

  • Romania – 335

Why are people migrating?

People are migrating to escape persecution, poverty and civil war. Many of these people have fled from Syria to escape the civil war. Afghans and Eritreans are escaping poverty and human rights abuses. When the Arab revolutions took place in 2011 many people fled from their respective countries. People also migrated from conflict zones such as Eritrea.

How are people reaching Europe?

Migrants are reaching Europe either by sea or land. The routes that they are taking include Western African route, Western Mediterranean route, Central Mediterranean route, Apulia and Calabria route, circular route from Albania to Greece, Western Balkan route, Eastern Mediterranean route, and Eastern Borders route

Why are migrants coming to Europe?

People are running away because of the hostile condition as many parts of the Middle East and even North Africa are witnessing armed conflicts. Europe serves as a natural destination because these developed and prosperous countries with their stable governments and peaceful environments provide these migrants with the hope that they would be able to live better lives than that in their home countries.

Disasters Concerning Migrants in 2015

The movement of these migrants has not been a smooth one and thousands of them have lost their lives while trying to cross the rough Mediterranean sea or through land.

  • In early February, some 300 migrants drowned in an attempt to cross the Mediterranean in rough seas.

  • On April 19, at least 800 people were killed in a shipwreck off Italy’s Lampedusa island

  • On August 27, the bodies of 71 people were discovered in Austria in an abandoned lorry. The people were believed to be Syrian migrants.

  • On August 27, two boats carrying migrants sank after leaving Zuwara in Libya. Around 500 people were on board the boats.

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