Extreme Weather Events Around the World

Several winds have blown over the earth ? both hot and cold ? since times immemorial. These events tested mankind’s resilience in form of hurricanes, cyclones and floods, blazing heat waves leading to wildfires and droughts, freezing temperatures, and so forth. Analysts say that the past decade has witnessed exceptionally high number of ?unprecedented extreme […]

Airplane Mysteries Around the World

The modern marvel of human flight has amazed the world since its inception. These advancements in technology have made world travel quick and easy, effectively shrinking the Earth and hastening globalization. However, the scientific marvel of flight still has its problems. Despite the advanced technology, flight accidents, though increasingly rare, happen. As those who fear […]

Air Attacks Around the World

Over the last century and this one, nations have used military power, including air power to extend their political objectives. From the Syrian air attacks, to Pearl Harbor to using air power to achieve strategic objectives – Air attacks span a gamut of incidents. Read on to know more about various air attacks that occurred […]

Earthquakes Around the World

Earthquakes Around the World Earthquakes are one of the most devastating types of natural disasters on the planet, with no way to predict them in advance and only so much we can do to prepare for them. Caused by the Earth’s ever-shifting tectonic plates slipping, sliding, and clashing against one another, the pressure between the […]