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It is man’s desire to travel and explore the wide world that led him to build ships. Large, opulent cruise ships, the ubiquitous ferry, mail ships, and even military ships exude a dignity and grace as they set sail across the seas and oceans. Sometimes, however, these majestic vessels become fraught by the worst accidents one can imagine – shipwrecks. Here are 10 shipwrecks, tragedies that the world will not forget in a hurry. 1. [...]

After so many years in the business as one of the top automobile manufacturers of the world, Volkswagen is facing a rather serious threat to its goodwill and, possibly to its existence as well, largely as a result of its shady business practices. From 2009 onwards, Volkswagen has been putting in a lot of software in 482,000 cars that it has sold in the US under the garb of clean diesel cars. The entire design [...]

The image of a dead Syrian toddler lying on a Turkish beach shook the world and brought before it the plight of migrants who are fleeing from their homes in war torn countries in search of a better life. As the conditions continue to deteriorate in Syria and some other countries, thousands of migrants are moving over to Europe through perilous routes encountering various dangers. What is this immigration problem happening around the world? The [...]

Recent Epidemic Outbreaks Around the World If there is something that humans really dread, it can be said that it is disease that humans hate to suffer and endure. Of these diseases, some spread like fire in the form of epidemic outbreaks, going into unmanageable and uncontrollable proportions within a short span of time. By the time effective measures to curb the disease and its cause are in place, the epidemic takes a heavy toll [...]

Volcanoes are one of the most violent and destructive forces of Nature. While it is true that it is these volcanic belts that are home to some of the most spectacular forms of flora and fauna, it is also true that these volcanoes have been feared, worshiped, and studied for centuries now. Modern volcanologists and geologists can predict, with a reasonable measure of accuracy, the times that these volcanoes are likely to erupt but the [...]

Several winds have blown over the earth ? both hot and cold ? since times immemorial. These events tested mankind’s resilience in form of hurricanes, cyclones and floods, blazing heat waves leading to wildfires and droughts, freezing temperatures, and so forth. Analysts say that the past decade has witnessed exceptionally high number of ?unprecedented extreme weather events? across latitudes ? some predictable, some unpredictable, and even somewhat bizarre. We list a few: Polar Vortex ? [...]

September 1, 2014

World over water crisis takes many shapes It is not a false proverb that Water is life! As without water, life will become non-existent. Around a billion people today, that is one in every seven people on earth, don’t have access to safe drinking water. According to the UN, in the past century, water use has grown at over twice the rate of population increase. By 2025, an estimated 1.8 billion people will be living [...]

The modern marvel of human flight has amazed the world since its inception. These advancements in technology have made world travel quick and easy, effectively shrinking the Earth and hastening globalization. However, the scientific marvel of flight still has its problems. Despite the advanced technology, flight accidents, though increasingly rare, happen. As those who fear flying will be quick to explain, there are many ways a flight can go wrong, from inclement weather to mechanical [...]

September 1, 2014

Over the last century and this one, nations have used military power, including air power to extend their political objectives. From the Syrian air attacks, to Pearl Harbor to using air power to achieve strategic objectives – Air attacks span a gamut of incidents. Read on to know more about various air attacks that occurred around the world: 17 July 2014 – Shooting Down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH 17) On 17 July 2014, [...]

September 1, 2014

Earthquakes Around the World Earthquakes are one of the most devastating types of natural disasters on the planet, with no way to predict them in advance and only so much we can do to prepare for them. Caused by the Earth’s ever-shifting tectonic plates slipping, sliding, and clashing against one another, the pressure between the plates is released, causing the earth to shake along the fault. Earthquakes can cause and be caused by a number [...]

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