Pollution Around the World

Someone had aptly said that people will never be bothered about pollution because they don’t stop talking long enough to take a deep breath. The world rarely thinks about what it is doing with its waste. From ocean trash to e-waste, the ‘tsunami’ of toxic elements is affecting more and more countries across the world. […]

Football Fanatics Around the World

Fan-tastic football Fanatics As the football-loving world has descended on Brazil, the on-field drama is being matched by off-the-field frenzy of screaming, singing, dancing, swearing, ecstatic, and dejected fans. Since the World Cup is happening in the world’s most football-obsessed nation, expect the excitement of fans to be an all-time high. Here is a touching […]

Sports Scandals Around the World

Sports Scandals Around the World Sports have been corrupted by scandals throughout history, from teams and coaches cheating and fixing matches to athletes taking the competition too far or using performance enhancing drugs. To become a professional athlete takes drive, dedication and a strong will to succeed. Some of the same traits that go into […]

Recent Elections Around the World

Recent Elections Around the World All around the world, citizens of the world’s democracies vote to elect their leaders, in order to best guide their nations to success. The democratic process has many forms and aspects, from direct elections to representative elections, with prime ministers and presidents, parliament and congress. While democracy is often seen […]

Gay Laws Around the World

Gay Laws Around the World Broadly, while the LGBT community the world over had been making inroads progressively into the mindsets of nations and their peoples, recent laws not really favoring these sections have been instituted in some countries bringing them once again back to square one. All this, despite the corporates and several countries […]

Recent Hacking Incidents Around the World

Recent Hacking Incidents Around the World Several hacking incidents have recently rocked the technology and Internet world. In today’s modern world, with the prolific use of computers and high-tech softwares, modern-day hacking too has become somewhat of a phenomenon. The latest malware cause damages in millions, private data gets hacked and millions of customer information […]