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Places to Visit in Taiwan

Taiwan is a beautiful country where you can see a multiple number of tourist places and enjoy a variety of interesting activities. The travelers enjoy the flavor of a different lifestyle exhibited in Taiwan’s folk traditions. Historical monuments area major atrraction for sightseers. Fort Provintia, Hobe Fort, Eternal Golden Castle, Walls of Taipei, Zhongshan Hall, and Fort Santo Domingo are some of the important historic sites in Taiwan. Memorials in Taiwan like Kagi Shrine, Tomb of Chen Jhong-he, Koxinga Ancestral Shrine, and Jiji Military History Park bring out the story of kings and describe the life of prehistoric people.

If you love arts and crafts, pay a  visit to the Dadong Arts Center, National Center for Traditional Arts, National Changhua Living Art Center, Pier-2 Art Center, Taichung City Tun District Art Center, and Taoyuan Arts Center. You can see a few lighthouses in Taiwan, which give you a marvelous view of the beautiful country, such as Dongyong Lighhouse, Eluanbi Lighthouse, Lanyu Lighthouse, Qilaibi Lighthouse, and Lyudao Lighthouse.
Famous for its temples Taiwan has ovre fifteen thousand temples, which play a central role not only in religious but social life as well. Tzushr Temples, Longshan Temple, Matsu Temple, Confucius Temple, Chung Tai Chan Temple, Bao’an Temple, and City God Temple are famous temples here.

Apart from the buildings and monuments, you can enjoy several adventurous activities like climbing, mountain Biking, rafting, scuba diving, golf, sailing and windsurfing, surfing and youth travel. If your trip is with a big group or your  extended family, you can plan for a small group- tour, which can cover most of the important spots of  Taiwan. In this way, you can schedule your trip wisely.
Taiwan Travel Map

Taiwan Tourist Attractions