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Places to Visit in Slovakia

Slovakia is an independent state located in Central Europe. It is a showcase of rich customs, natural sceneries, mountain peaks, caves and medieval palaces on one hand, while the cities boast  buildings, spas and ski resorts on the other. Nearly 1.5 million people flock to  Slovakia every year to spend their vacations. The Slovak National Gallery & Devin Castle in Bratislava city, Kosice Zoo & East Slovak Museum in Kosice city, and Aquapark Tatralandia & Chopok in Zilina city are a real treat for the tourists.

Slovakia’s different altitudes offer the best skiing spots such as Certovica, Donovaly, and Martinské Hole. To chill out, settle down contentedly in a balmy pool, get a massage or have fun visiting the most popular aquaparks of Slovakia. Thermal Park Komárno, Aquapark Tatralandia, Aquapark Oravice, AquaCity Poprad, Water Paradise Vyhne, and Holiday Park Kováčová are recreational hubs for the people of all ages.

Gorgeous castles of all eras can be seen in Slovakia. Some expose creepy shells and some are refurbished to act as museums. The country’s fine recognized forts are Spis Castle, Bojnice Castle, Cachtice Castle, Devin Castle, Trencin Castle, and Lupca Castle.

The national parks attract both kids and adults. Mountaineering activities, tailored to the experience level of visitors are offered. Beginners trek lower altitudes, while more seasoned mountaineers can take up more challenging activities at higher altitudes. Lush thick jungles provide an apt background for adventure activities. Parks such as the High Tatras, Low Tatras, Little Fatra, Big Fatra, Pieniny, and Poloniny are some of the best places for nature lovers.

Slovakia is packed with many stunning caves. Belianska Cave, Bystrianska Cave, Bojnice Castle Cave, Cave of Dead Bats, Domica, and Driny are open for travelers whereas many others remain hidden out of ordinary sight.

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Slovakia Tourist Attractions