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Ghibli Museum

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Ghibli Museum in Tokyo

Ghibli Museum is a popular commercial museum that exhibits the excellent Japanese animations. It is situated in the west suburb of Tokyo. It is indeed one of the finest art museums of Japan and is considered to be the perfect choice for the people who are excessively fond of animated works.

This museum comprises two floors that are connected through spiral staircase made of metal. Here all the details of animated film production is shown to the visitors. Thus the adults as well as the children can have an interesting experience while roaming around this Ghibli Museum, Tokyo.

This Ghibli Museum Studio is one of the key destinations in Tokyo and attends a huge number of travelers from different parts of the globe. For the purpose of entering one is required to carry a reserved ticket. For different age group different prices are charged. So,  before planning to visit this studio make yourself sure about the ticket charges.

There is also a sculpture garden on the upper side of this museum. This is also considered to be a place of major attractions as it features a huge cast-iron Laputa Robot Soldier. Thus the Japanese animation art museum offers an unusual experience amidst the unique ambience.

Where is Ghibli Museum?

Published On: Thursday, October 20th, 2016